drama for the baby mama

When 22 year old Hannah had just moved into her new 2 story home in homles chapel england with her lovely fiance harry 2 months ago she ends up in a pickle... shes pregnant! The stress of being pregnant, being a beautician, and juggling a wedding can sure get to a girl but Hannah seems to hold it together, but when drama strikes the family will they come closer or break apart?


1. The night it happened.....

It all started when Harry and I were watching a movie in the living room, nemo to be exact and he put his hand around my knee, boy do i love his big hands but he eventually worked his way up to my upper thy as he came in for a kiss. I followed as our lips touched and I hopped into his lap and started pulling off his shirt. I rustled my fingers through his curly hair and he started to unbutton my shirt. He picked me up like a bride and carried me upstairs into our room as he layed me down on the bed and he layed on top and kissed my neck hitting my sweet spots everytime. Soon enough i woke up to harrys cheeky smile and both of us butt naked. Harry handed me my clothes as we both got dressed.

I grabbed my robe and fuzzy slippers as i started down the stairs to make breakfast. I was flipping his blueberry pancake when i felt 2 large hands wrap around my waist and i turn around and Harry kisses me on the nose saying 'morning my love' he was so cheeky...



AUTHORS NOTE: sorry for such a short chapter my lovely readers but i figured i would just start another chapter, hope u enjoy! if you have any comments or ideas just write me a comment and i will surely try to respond or/and put it in my book!  ~Hannah xx

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