My Dream:3

i was at school when i bumped into liam payne he smiled at me and i smiled back just a random dream haha


2. Dream #2

i was walking down the corridor at school with Nicole when Lucy ran down and dragged me away. "omg!" "what is it?" "can we please enter a dance compition? just me and you and we will video it the winners are supposed to get to be back up dancers for someones music videos but they wont say who?" "Omg yes!" come down to mine tonight? bring joggers, crop tops and high tops?" i said to her. "ye sounds good so i will be down at your for about 4 ish!" okay but eat when u get home so the food has time to settle!" and with that Nicole dragged me back off and the bell had already rung for lessons'. "what did she want?" Nicole snarled she really doesn't like Lucy. well i dont think i would if she stole my boyfriend. ever since then they havent talked and Lucy is still dating the guy ( Jay ). "ohh we are going to enter a dancing compition together and be in a famous persons music video!" i babbled excitdly through class. "im guessing you will be entering the compition for the singers to be on before a famous person while on tour?" she also snarled when she made that comment. "What really?! omg im so going to do that!" *end of the day* Lucy knocked at my door at 4.10. i shouted for her to come in as i was putting my ipod on shuffle to see which song we should dance to. "hey" she called and walked into the dining room. she had a snapback on her head just like me. we wore the same top and same joggers. haha we were like twins! we danced and danced until it was finished and completed we decided to dance to Justin Bieber Beauty and a Beat we did streetdance. finishing with a baby freeze and worm we stood up and laughed at each other. we went to get refreshments when i saw the time. it was already 8.00 we had been dancing for just under 4 hours and we had perfected it. we switched on my camera turned the music on then danced, we poured our heart and soul into the dance trying our very best and putting maximum effort in. we uploaded it onto the site and emailed it to the producers as your were supposed to. the winners were being put on the site at 10.00 and they were annoucing who we were going to dance for. Lucys mum dropped her off some sleeping stuff and then we went up to my room and as i was on my laptop checking the competion out i also looked at the site that Nicole had told me about earlier. "so does Nicole still hate my guts? Jay only finished her for me but that wasnt my fault." "yer well it cut her pretty deep! i mean what if Jay dumped you for me and then we got married and we were there rubbing it in your face everywhere you went?" she looked at me then nodded her head "i understand" we looked at the time and relised it was already 10.10 we clicked onto the winners page and saw our names in 2nd place. our hearts and face dropped we looked at who the winner was dancing for and it was for One Direction. suddenly the site reset itself. the Winners had actually cheated, they copied a dance from youtube. that meant we was first. My eyes grew and Lucys looked confused i turned the screen around and all of a sudden she looked very very very happy, excited and awake. it said that the One Direction would be coming to my house (my adress was put on the form) to explain things to us and help us. the next day went in a blur. then it was just me sat alone in my room. i took out my camera and sang my little heart out to two songs; Neyo so sick and Justin Bieber Beauty and a beat.i uploaded them to the second site i found and fell asleep waiting for the results. the next day i had completely  forgotten about the competition so i went downstairs ate then chucked some joggers and a vest on. i combed my hair and left my hair down. i didnt put any make up on as i wasnt planning for anything to happen. there was a knock on the door and i opened it to find a boy stood there with wavy locks of blonde hair upon his head under that were his Brown eyes that you got lost in when you looked into them he had a purple jacket and dog tags around his neck. my cat frueball walked past him and he stood away and shivered. he was carrying a small tub with spag bol in it. i instantly invited him in and he sat on the couch i was gob smacked i signalled two minutes then walked into the kitchen got two packs of sour patch kids and walked back into the room. i passed him a pack of sweets and he smiled gratefully. i pulled my laptop off of the couch next to him and put it under it was an apple mac one of his favourites. "Hey. so will you be able to sing along with me to my track Beauty and a beat?" Justin Bieber smiled at me i nodded and he was singing when i  joined in i was really quite. he urged me to get louder and i did as i did i forgot he was there and sang my heart out linking it on to So sick be Neyo. he stopped singing and sat down. as i finished he started clapping then looked at me "so your coming on tour with me now Eloise ?" "what? how do you know my name" "im guessing you haven't checked who won then have you?" he chuckled. i stared at him gob- smacked. it was me. i was the winner. i had won two competitions in two days! i screamed then said "omg i cant wait though! but one quick question, why did you pick me out of all the others that sang they were miles better than me..." i trailed off "i watched all the videos and saw you, you sang with not just your voice but heart and soul, you are really good and desevered to win. also you sang like an angel and i just had to pick you!" "ohh wow! im so glad my friend pointed it out!" he smiled at me then pulled me into a hug

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