My Dream:3

i was at school when i bumped into liam payne he smiled at me and i smiled back just a random dream haha


1. The dream!

i was at school when i bumped into Niall Horan he smiled at me and i smiled back  he's cute and funny and his personality is great. he dropped a piece of paper on the floor and left i picked up the piece of paper and was about to call him when i read it. it had on it his number and he told me to meet him outside his car. the school day went in a blur and before i knew it i was outside his car just as i saw him it started to pour with rain we were drenched by the time he got to me. i smiled at him and he smiled back he then pulled me close and we kissed in the rain a long and passionate one. i loved every second of it! we started dating and rumors went around school that Niall was playing me i didn't believe them but couldn't help but let my mind wonder. i put a note in his locker asking him to meet me at my motorcycle after school. as the bell went for the end of school i walked towards my motorcycle and noticed he wasn't there i waited half an hour i started crying and left as he stood me up and he did it without calling me before. just then i was about to set off when i car pulled out behind me init was Niall and Lucy my worst enemy and she has fancied Niall since forever! they were talking and Niall looked stressed out she put her arm on his shoulder and he tensed up as she felt his bulging biceps. i was so angry i got of my bike walked over to the car opened the door and pulled her out. "bitch" she screamed. Niall thanked me but for some unknown reason i was mad at him as well i guess it was because he let her in the car and didn't tell her to get out. i stomped to my bike chucked y helmet on my bed and rode all the way home i went up to my room and started crying then mum said that Niall was at the door i told her  "i broke up with him and i don't wanna speak to him ever again." he was outside my bedroom door listening and his heart fell. the next day at school i didn't see him or the day after that in fact he had a week off before i decided i had to talk to him. i went to his house and asked his mum if i could see him but not for her to tel him i was coming up she agreed and i went up and into Niall's' room. i stood outside the door 'cos i heard a girls voice it was Lucy's  again. "ohh come on Niall it is finally me and you  know u wanted it for ages this way! shes out of the picture we can go on the dates you told me about" "the dates i told you about were meant for Eloise but u broke us up and u are now telling me that after feeling like my heart has been smashed into a millions pieces want me to get with u. Just GET OUT NOW!" i smiled and then hid as i heard stomping when i heard the door close i heard a silent snore come from Niall's room. i curled up into a ball and layed at the side of him i faced him for a while but then i kissed his lips it was a passionate and long kiss and it defiantly woke him up. he smiled at me and then wrapped me in his arms. we stayed like that for the rest of the night "i love you" i whispered into his chest "i love you too" he replied although i couldn't see his face i  new he was smiling in glee.

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