Gone Country

Carson Lee Abernathy lives in a small town in western North Carolina called Rutherford College (real place btw). She's 11 1/2 and she loves visual and preforming arts. Most people know it as dancing, singing, acting, etc. But when she litterally runs into One Direction at Steele Creek, what d'ya think is gonna happen, especially when they hear her singing??? Read more to find out! (this is in mid-2013)


1. Get Set, Then Ride

   Art supplies? Check. Electronics? Check. Pet-tttttsssssssssss.....almost is close enough. Check. "Okay momma! I got it all now!" I shouted to my mom who was downstairs finishing packing a cooler with sodas and snacks. "Okay! go on and put it in the trailer!" well, grabbing my bags and miniature horse (its just our ha-uge great dane, Chewwy), I made my way downstairs, out the door, to the trailer hooked to my dads red 4-wheel drive Chevelet truck. After that, I took my carry-ons and the Lord-knows how many dogs to the van/camper. We HAVE to drive two cars to the campsite at Steele Creek because 1.) we have 8 kids counting me, plus mom and dad makes 10. 2.) we have about 14-15 dogs, 4 cats, 2 guinie pigs, a teacup pig (mine), and a bunny. 3.) we have a loooot 'a stuff.

    Oh, sorry. My name is Carson Lee Abernathy. My mom, Miranda, is a true southern belle from Alabama. My dad is from Lincoln County, NC. We live in Burke County, NC. I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers (maybe more. I'm PRAYING not!). I love vistual and preforming arts (vistual= painting, etc. preforming= dance, singing, acting, etc). At the moment, we're going on our annual summer trip to Steele Creek! I'm so happy!

    Now, sitting with my sisters in dads truck while we wait, I play my music on my IPhone 4S. Country, pop, hip hop, rock, anything. First thing that played was my sister, Tyleir's ( pronounced Tyler) favorite song; She's Not Afraid by One Direction. She's 5 and totally ADORBS!!!! Woah, girly-girl moment... Well, now that we're all packed, we're on our way! I'm going to sleep, I don't like waking up at five am to get ready on a Saturday...

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