Give Me Love (Justin Bieber VS Niall Horan) Fanfic

17 years old Isabel is living a double life. She is the most popular girl in school, has the most friends, and the hottest boyfriend, Justin, who truly loves her, but no one really knows her.
How her father started abusing her after her mother died and how she has to take care of her brother . When she thinks her life is over, a new guy comes to her school. Niall. He is different, he doesn't like her like everyone else at school, he annoys her and best of all he hates her or that's what she thinks. What happens when they grow feelings for each other? Who will she choose? Justin or Niall?


9. Chapter 9

"You know I can't go to parties, my schedule is between school and taking care of Aaron" I said to my best friend as I closed my locker. I can understand Aria wanting me to go to parties with her, but she knows about my life. I'm not like every other teenage girl.

"I understand, but Justin keep asking me if I can convince you and honestly I want to go with you too. Can't you just lie to your dad one more time, you've done it before what's the big deal now" she got a point I've lied to my dad a several times, but that was before I found out about the suicide thoughts he had and as much as I hate my dad I can't bare to lose another parent and most impotently I don't want to end up in a foster care. Not just because I've to live with strangers, but also because I would be separated from Aaron and that's the last thing I want. He is the last family that I've left that has never said a hurtful word to me or did anything hurtful to me. My world would crash into pieces if I lose him.

"Aria, please I know I've done it a million times, but I just don't feel like it okay. Tell Justin Im sick or something" sometimes I don't understand this school, there was a party like two days ago. It's so confusing sometimes.

"Hi" I heard a voice behind me, a voice I could recognize from miles away.

I turned around putting on a fake smile.

"Hi Niall" I said as sarcastic as I could.

"So how was your weekend" he asked, leaning back at his chair.

"What?" I questioned confused

"I said, how was your weekend?" He repeated pretending like its a normal question he asks me everyday.

"Good, I guess" I slowly turned around looking down at my books. At the same moment mr. Tunsell our math teacher entered, well hello death! Everyone I know hates math, but always manages to get at least a c+ on it. Me on the other hand hate it and fail it.

"I know you've all been looking forward to the auction pair up this year, so you'll be happy to hear that it's after lunch" after mr. Tunsell announced the "good" news, the whole class started cheering and clapping. Honestly I don't get why they like this so much, what is the fun in getting paired up with someone and spending the whole week with them.

Let me explain this pair up auction we have. Basically we do this raise money for any kind of school trips. And this year my math class, which I might add includes Niall are going on a camping trip for a whole weekend. So the whole class goes up to the teachers desk and picks a paper from a basket. On the paper it says who you'll have to spend the week with and what kind of a project you've to do to raise money. Last year I got Max, a really nice guy. We mostly spent our week talking about our lives and getting to know each other and our project was to have garage sale. We actually sold a lot of stuff, Max and I found some stuff we didn't need at home and raised enough money.


"What is this pair up auction?" I heard Niall asking trough the loud cheering and chatter. The class died down a little and mr. Tunsell started explains it to him.

After what seemed like years, the bell rang, I gathered my stuff and went straight to the door. As I was about to step out, Niall got in front me.

"Need something" I asked annoyed.

"Wouldn't it be awesome, if we got paired up for this auction thing" as the words left his mouth my eyes widen in surprise.

"What? No!" I said, shaking my head.

"We would make a great team, we would raise a lot of money" he said making a a thinking face and rubbing his invisible beard as he walked away. Is he serious? Four freaking days ago, he hated my guts and now he wants to spend a whole week with me? This guy really confuses me.

I slowly and weirdly walked to my locker, got my lunch out and went to the cafeteria. As I was walking down the hall, I heard a familiar voice behind me. Oh no not again!

"Look at her hair, it's all tangled. Doesn't she own a brush" I heard Mona whisper, loud enough for me to hear. I don't know what her deal is or what I ever did to her, but ever since kindergarten she hated my guts, did everything she could to mess my life up. I try to ignore her as much as i can.

Finally reached the cafeteria, I spotted Justin and Aria sitting at our usual place.

"So looking forward to the auction?" Justin asked giving me a light peek on the lips as I sat down beside him.

"No, you know how much I hate this auction thing" I replayed as I opened my lunch

"Come on, lighten up! Aria is with you, maybe you'll pick her" Justin always tries to brighten me up, coming with every possible thing that would make me hate things less.


Lunch flew by fast, it was now time to find out who I would spend my week with. I entered the classroom and found my seat beside Aria. Everyone was waiting impatiently for mr. Tunsell to enter the class. As always he was late.

" I'm here, I'm here" mr. Tunsell yelled out as he entered.

"Ok, first up is Emily! Come on up Emily" after Emily, was Sara and then it was Nick and the list went on and on. When it finally came to my turn, I Prayed to god I wouldn't pick Niall. Anyone but Niall! First I had to pick the project I was gonna do with the person and then pick the person.

When I reach the desk, I was so nervous my hands were sweating and my heart was beating so loud I was surprised at the fact that no one could hear it.

"I got car washing as a project" I said putting down the little paper. Now the truth was going to be revealed. I slowly and hesitantly reached for the basket and for a second, a second I thought god accepted my prayers, but I was wrong.

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