Give Me Love (Justin Bieber VS Niall Horan) Fanfic

17 years old Isabel is living a double life. She is the most popular girl in school, has the most friends, and the hottest boyfriend, Justin, who truly loves her, but no one really knows her.
How her father started abusing her after her mother died and how she has to take care of her brother . When she thinks her life is over, a new guy comes to her school. Niall. He is different, he doesn't like her like everyone else at school, he annoys her and best of all he hates her or that's what she thinks. What happens when they grow feelings for each other? Who will she choose? Justin or Niall?


7. Chapter 7

After detention I went to pick Aaron up, we didn't need anything so I drove straight  home.

"How was school today" I ask Aaron as we entered the house.

"It was okay" he answered making his way upstairs, it's been a long day I don't think I can bear to today, so ill probably order take outs.

"Dad" I yelled not sure if he would be here after what happened this morning, but sure enough he was sitting on the couch watching TV. Something was different though, not just him but something else. I can't quiet put my finger on it.

"How was school" he asked, not taking his eyes of of the TV. I'm not use to this whole "nice dad" thing yet, I shrug answering the basic

"Fine" i make my way upstairs, but half way the hallway I noticed something on the kitchen counter. I slowly waked over, when I was only few meter away from it, I saw that it was box. I haven't ordered anything, maybe dad did. I shouldn't touch it he might be angry. I turned around ready to go my room before he notice me, but bumped into something or someone, I stumbled back trying to catch myself.

"Woah sorry, didn't mean to bump into you" he said helping me up!

"I-it's o-o-okay" I stammered, I'm a little afraid to say anything that might get him to go back to his old self

"You don't have to be afraid of me you know, I won't hurt you" he said stepping closer

"You hurt me before, what is the difference now" I blurted out, now that is what was afraid of, sometimes I blurt things out before I think about.

"You're right, but I won't anymore. I'm trying to fix things, can't you see" he lifts his hand trying to touch me, I quickly step back taking small glance between him and his hand.

"I'm not gonna hurt you" he says stepping back and looking me right in the eyes, I can see warmth and concerned in his eyes, but what am I suppose to do? Feelings don't change within a day, I need time get use to this "new" dad.

"I'm just not use to it, that's all"

"I understand, I just want you to know that I'm here now, no matter what" I feel tears welling up in my eyes, you've no idea how much I missed him. He wasn't always like this you know, he use to be the best dad anyone could have asked for. He use to take me & Aaron everywhere, play football with us, take us to different games. We just had a lot of fun, their was no hitting and yelling. I still remember the first time he laid his hands on me, it still keeps replaying in my head like a music video.




"Dad I'm home" that was by far the best party ever! Can believe I drank that much, for a lightweight like me after two cups I get pretty wasted.

"Damn it, not again! When will you learn?" dad says taking my hand and leading me upstairs

"Don't pretend like you don't drying, I've seen you. Even when you think I don't" I say, not even understanding my own words, my head is spinning like crazy I just want to sleep. 

" Your mothers death did not only effect you, it effected all if us all" He kicks my bedroom door open and plumbs me down on the bed. He starts taking of my shoes and getting me in bed. 

"We'll talk about this in the morning"




Ugh, I've the worst headache ever. feels like the whole room is spinning, I slowly get myself up heading to the bathroom. 'I've no memory from last night, everything is blurry. I hope I didn't do anything stupid, but that's like hoping for my mom to come back from the dead. I always end up in trouble one way or another 

"ISABEL!" I flinch as I hear dad yell from downstairs, I get yelled at most of the time for being a bad role model for my little brother. After moms death, no one has been the same. dad started drinking more the usual. He thinks I don't know but I do know, I just wish he wouldn't treat me like a kid and start looking at like an adult I'm after 17. 


"ISABEL, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!" my eyes widen as I slowly head down the stairs. Dad has never used that voice on me, even if I come home drunk more then I can remember. 

"When will you learn and stop coming home drunk?" He says his back to as I enter, I just look at him not saying a word 

"ANSWER ME!" He yells turning around his voice echoing trough the house. his eyes are bloodshot, he has been drinking and its obvious he hasn't slept at all

"I won't do it again dad, i'm sorry" I say looking down, scared ans socked at sudden out burst of my dad.

"You keep saying that, but do it anyway. I'm sick and tried of your shit, grow up Isabel" he says slowly walking towards me

"I promise this ti-" I get cut of as his hand collides with my cheek, I fall down the floor, holding my cheek as I look at him with tears in her eyes. This is the first time he has ever put his hands on me. I feel as if my cheek is burning, he says nothing, still have the daunting express while he goes away to sit on sofa.

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