Give Me Love (Justin Bieber VS Niall Horan) Fanfic

17 years old Isabel is living a double life. She is the most popular girl in school, has the most friends, and the hottest boyfriend, Justin, who truly loves her, but no one really knows her.
How her father started abusing her after her mother died and how she has to take care of her brother . When she thinks her life is over, a new guy comes to her school. Niall. He is different, he doesn't like her like everyone else at school, he annoys her and best of all he hates her or that's what she thinks. What happens when they grow feelings for each other? Who will she choose? Justin or Niall?


6. Chapter 6

Next morning I woke to the smell of bacon and pancakes. Food? Why am I smelling food? Who is making it? I quickly put on my batman slippers and make my way downstairs. slowly walking to the kitchen, I spot Aaron sitting by the breakfast table with a plate in front of him. I quietly stand by the door, taking in what was happening.There was a man standing beside the microwave, his back was to me but I had recognized him the minute i laid my eyes on him. I was quiet shocked and treffied at the same time. I would've never ever thought my dad would come back to his old self. For the first time in 2 years, my dad is sober and not angry before we go to school. Hell he is even making breakfast, flipping some pancakes and quietly whistling to himself. Since his back was to me, he hasn't noticed me yet. I stand there a couple of minutes shocked at the view in front of me, this must be a dream. It can't be real! I try to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming and wake up still in my bed, but I don't I'm still standing at the same spot facing my dads back. As I'm about to turn around and head upstairs again, he turns around. He stops what he is doing for a second, but continues again. He doesn't seem surprised at all.


"Finally you're up I see" he says, smiling a little and putting some pancakes on Aaron's plate. Without hesitating Aaron starts to dig in, completely unaware of my presence.


"I-I eh" I tried, but no words came out. What am I suppose to say to man, who I knew as an alcoholic for more then 2 years, who barely did anything nice for me or the matter of fact for us. I don't even remember the last time he ever said something nice to us, did something nice for us, took us places like a normal father would. I'm not sure if I'm mad or hurt maybe both.


"You hungry?" He asks unaware of my anger and shock. Does he even know us anymore, if he thinks he can just change and come back to our lives that easy, he is wrong. I have suffered the last 2 years since mom passed away, and all he has done was sit on his ass and drink.


"No, we gotta get to school" I say, staring at him coldly


"Come Aaron, we are already late"


"But, I'm not done yet" the 8 year old argues back.


"You ca-"


"It's ok, I can take him to school today"dad chimes in, Aaron and I look at each other for a minute before I shake my head.


"I think it's best if I take him" I answer taking Aaron's hand an leading him upstairs. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but if he wants to change it takes much more then a breakfast.


"Why can't dad take me school" Aaron Asks as I try to find a clean shirt he can wear to school.


"I really don't want to talk about it Aaron" I answer, pulling the clean shirt I found over his head. Aaron is just a kid, he doesn't understand what's going on. He just wants a dad like every other kid.


"Aaron, can I ask you something?" I ask him, he just smiles at me and nod his head


"What did you mean the other day, when you said don't leave me alone with dad again?" I'm not sure if its a good idea asking him the question, but I just have to know. He takes a long time answering, he looks at the floor shuffling his feet.


"Dad does stupid stuff when you're at work" he says still looking at the floor


"What do you mean? What kind of stuff?" Right now my heart is beating like I've just ran 5mils, I'm not so sure if I want to hear this anymore. It might be worse then I thought.


"He tries to kill himself and when I try to stop him, he says that if I come near him he won't hesitate to kill me" i can see tears welling up in his eyes, poor kid who had to experience that. But why would dad kill himself and if he didn't let Aaron help him, why is he still alive? All of these questions were running through my head. I took look at my watch, seeing that school would start any minute. I quickly ran to the bathroom, brush my teeth and put on my regular cloths, black skinny jeans and a hoodie. I ran downstairs seeing Aaron already standing by the door. I grab mine and Aaron's lunch and head out the door, dad was just standing there not saying a word. I wonder what made him snapped back to reality, what made him come back to us?


After I drop Aaron off, I got myself to school. I was already late and we have mrs. Russell the first period, she is a pain in the ass. I swear we can't even go to the bathroom, if you ask her she'll just say "you should've done it before class" woman come on, we have 4 minutes between classes if I go to bathroom in those 4 minutes, then I'll come late. I try to go into the classroom as quiet as I can, but it's impossible. As soon as I open the door everyone's eyes are on me, I freeze in front of the door not daring to move. Mrs Russell had this disappointing look on her face, I lower my head, heading to the back of the class not making eye contacts with anyone.


"Hey" I hear someone whisper behind me, I don't recognize the voice though. I glance at mrs Russell making sure she not looking at me as I turn around and face the person.


"Ugh, what do you want" I say, rolling my eyes and quickly turn around again. He taps me at the shoulder, but I don't bother turning around this time, he does it again and again trying to get me to face, but I don't. Finally the bell rings, I quickly gather my stuff and head out of the classroom.


"Ms Isabel?" I hear mrs Russell call me, she is probably giving me detention, great!


"Yes, mrs Russell" I say trying to sound innocent as possible, the problem is it doesn't look like she is buying it.


I ended having detention, so asked Aria if she could pick Aaron up for me and if he could stay with her till I'm done. She didn't mind at all, since she had nothing to do after school.


After school I walked to the detention room, there weren't a lot of people, just 3. as I was walking to back of the class I spouted Niall sitting by the window looking out. It looks like is he is following me, he is everywhere I'm. It looked like he was lost in his thought cause when I dragged by chair out it made a annoying sound that made him snapped up and look at me. I just sat taking out my books and pretending to do some homework, don't judge me I'm tired.


"What did the princess do today, do get herself here" Niall said leaning back at his chair thinking he said something to trig me off. The teacher had left to get some papers to work on while he was watching us.


"That's none of your business and don't call me princess" I said resting my head on the table


"Oh come babe don't be like that, I know you secretly want me" does he ever shut up.


"You can tell yourself that, but I would never fall for someone like you" I might have thought he was cute when I first saw him, but that thought left my head the minute he started talking.


"We'll see, you'll change your mind someday" he said leaning back in his chair.

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