Give Me Love (Justin Bieber VS Niall Horan) Fanfic

17 years old Isabel is living a double life. She is the most popular girl in school, has the most friends, and the hottest boyfriend, Justin, who truly loves her, but no one really knows her.
How her father started abusing her after her mother died and how she has to take care of her brother . When she thinks her life is over, a new guy comes to her school. Niall. He is different, he doesn't like her like everyone else at school, he annoys her and best of all he hates her or that's what she thinks. What happens when they grow feelings for each other? Who will she choose? Justin or Niall?


5. Chapter 5

I didn't actually meet Niall in any of my other classes, it was kind of a relief. I don't think I could take another minute of him today. When I first saw him, he seemed so nice, and there were something about him. I don't know what, but there were defiantly something. But after today he is just a stupid jerk.

After school was over I went to pick Aaron up, his school is actually not that far away from home. As i was walking to my car I saw Justin standing next to it, I thought he had practice today, what is he doing here?

"Hey" I said giving him a peak on the lips.

"Hey" he said smiling, but not looking at me, hm weird.

"Whats wrong? I thought you had practice today" I questioned, leaning against my car. I hope he won't say what I think he is going to say

"Nothing i was just thinking and the coach was sick today" he says scratching the back of his neck.

"I was wondering if you wanted come to a party later today, some of the guys from practice are throwing" he asked, stepping closer and smiling. I was a couple of inches shorter then him, but he always said that short girls were cute.

I want to go to the party, but I can't. I can tell my dad that I'm going to work, that won't be a problem, but what about Aaron? I can't take an 8 year old boy to a high school party. And I'm pretty sure that Aria is going so she can't take care of him. And forget our neighbors, Mr & Mrs Rosewood are too old, they need someone to take care of them, instead of them taking care of someone. Besides it won't hurt if I just tell him that I can't go, we had a date just a day or two ago. I breath out slowly and look up to meet his dark brown eyes

"I can't, sorry babe" I say trying to be as convincing as possible, his smile dropped and a disappointing look took over.

"Sorry babe, I just have things to take care of" I say as I open the door to my car.

"Fine, but tomorrow we'll do something together" he says more as a demand then a question. I just nod and start the car den speed off.

After I picked Aaron up, we decided to step by the grocery store and pick a few things up. We weren't long there as we didn't need much. We headed straight home, not stepping by any other places. The only thing I couldn't seem to stop thinking about was what Aaron meant earlier this morning.
When we get home, I start to make dinner.

"You hungry?" I ask the 8 year old as he was sitting my the table tapping his fingers.

"A little bit" he says looking up at me and that's when dad comes trough the front door. As usual he didn't even bother talking to me, he just went straight up probably to his bedroom, not bothering to close the front door behind him.

I slowly went up the stairs to see what was going on, he never goes up. He is either sitting on the coach in front of the tv or he  is out. This was probably a bad idea, if he catches me lurking I'm dead meat, but I can't turn back now I'm almost at the top.

"Isa" I hear dad yell trough what I think is the bathroom.

"Yes dad" I say stopping dead at my tracks, oh no. Now he is gonna kill you, why did I come. Sometimes I'm so stupid, I should've just stayed downstairs. I slowly walk to the direction of the bathroom, I lightly knock on the door not wanting to get yelled at for knocking to hard

"Could you get me a towel please" he says sounding not like every night, for good 2 minutes I stand there shocked at what I just heard "please" when does dad say please?

"Isa, are you there?" He asks calm, putting me out of my shock, why is he being nice and calm, ever since mom died all he does is ruin our lives

"Yeah sorry, I'm getting it now" I say,but still shocked.

I walk over to his bedroom and I open the door to see that bed is really neat like no one has slept on it, I haven't seen this room since mom died. I look around as if it was new to me, I pick a few things up from the ground putting it away, and I pick up a framed picture. I immediately feel the sadness rush over me. A tear escapes my eyes as I look at the picture of happy family. I wish mom was still here. I miss her so much, things would be easier if she was still here.
I shake my head, wiping the tears away and reminding myself to stay strong. I quickly grab the towel and rush out of the room. I lightly knock the bathroom door.

"Yes" My dad's voice ring out.

"H-here's your towel" I say stuttering slightly.

The door opens and my dad's hand peek out taking the towel out of my hands. A few seconds pass by and I'm still standing in front of the bathroom door and I don't even know why.
The bathroom door opens and I look up just to see my dad looking fresh as ever. He shaved his stubble and the bags under his eyes were gone.


What is happening?

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