Give Me Love (Justin Bieber VS Niall Horan) Fanfic

17 years old Isabel is living a double life. She is the most popular girl in school, has the most friends, and the hottest boyfriend, Justin, who truly loves her, but no one really knows her.
How her father started abusing her after her mother died and how she has to take care of her brother . When she thinks her life is over, a new guy comes to her school. Niall. He is different, he doesn't like her like everyone else at school, he annoys her and best of all he hates her or that's what she thinks. What happens when they grow feelings for each other? Who will she choose? Justin or Niall?


1. Chapter 1

*Isa's Pov* 

I went into the classroom and sat at my usual place,

“Hey where have you been? Justin has been looking for you all day” my best friend Aria asked. Aria and I have been friends since we were 6, ever since she punched Mona Mendalisa for taking my teddy bear.

Aria is not the everyday girl you see, she is so different from any other girl, she has short blond hair, blue eyes and she is absolutely beautiful. Okay you might think, ehh that sounds just like an everyday girl, but if you really just talk to her for like 2 minutes, you'll see that she is totally different. She is loud, she is a bad girl and totally wrong for her image.

“I had to take my brother to school, cau....” before I got to finish she cut me of.

“I know why, you don't have to tell me” she said looking back at the teacher. I was a little bit relived when she said that, I didn't want to really tell her the reason I had to take my brother to school.

me and my little brother who is 6, live with my dad, my mom died 2 years ago and my dad didn't take it so well. He turned to alcohol and didn't really give a crap about us anymore. Everyday I have to take my brother to school and then get myself to school, and after school I have to pick him up, feed him, do homework, get him to bed and then the next day I've to start all over again. 

“Why was Justin looking for me” I asked, changing the subject and looking at the teacher so he wouldn't see that were talking in class.

“I don't know, he said he had a surprise for you or something” she said, taking notes from the board. Justin had surprise for me, that's so sweet of him.

Justin is my boyfriend, we have been together for almost a year now. He just amazing, everyday I wonder why he is with me and not with...........well anyone but me. I'm not beautiful, I don't have a “perfect” body.

I'm nothing like Aria, with her blond hair and blues eyes. Instead I've long dark brown hair, green eyes and I'm just NOT normal.

Justin doesn't like to hear me talk about myself like that, he keeps telling be how beautiful I'm, but I just........I don't know, I never believe when people tell me nice things, that's just how I'm. 

After class I went to look for Justin, as I was walking down the hallway I saw that everyone was staring at me for some odd reason. What is going on?

"Aria, why is everyone staring? do I have something on my face?" I asked touching my face to see if had something. Aria looked at me and shook her head.

«I don't think they are staring at you Isa» she said pointing behind me

as soon as I turned around my eyes found a pair of ocean blue eyes,  there was a guy standing just few feet from me, he had blond hair and the most beautiful smile I've ever seen in my life. 

«W-who's that?» I asked not taking my eyes off of the guy

«I don't know, Mrs. Russel was talking about a new kid coming to school, maybe it's him» she said, and started to walk away, but I didn't go after her. Instead I went back to staring at the guy.

The guy noticed that I was staring and started to walk towards me, oh dear what does he want? What am I saying? I was staring at him, but everyone was staring. Why is he just coming over to me?  What I'm going to say if he asks me something?

«I know I'm irresistible, but it's not nice to stare» he said leaning against the wall

«excuse me?» I said coming out of my trance, okay I was not expecting that. He looked so innocent, but now he sounded like a jerk.

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