Why me...

This is a one direction based one, about a 20 year old Ella! She has been through a rough through months with her family, relationship and health!!
But when she thought she could not stand any of it anymore, she meets Louis....

Can he turn Ella's life around and make her happy??

***this is my first story by the way, so sorry if it Is bad. But I hope you like it!! Xox*****


2. Sorry:)

Louis POV:
Harry, Niall and i were on the way back to university after a long interview! We get pulled out to do this all the time! I wish we could just have one day of rest! 
"I'm hungry, can we go and get something to eat before we go back?" says Niall.
"Yer sure" I reply back to Niall as I pull into a macdonalds. 
As we walk in Harry trips me over, but I accidentally knock into a girl.
Ella's POV:
I had a lot of work to get done, and as I felt like I didn't want to be alone in my apartment, I decided to take a trip to macdonalds. I guess it was easier as well, because I probably wouldn't have got it done of I was at home, which would have meant I would have to do it in lessons; which would probably lead to more people laughing at me...
It was getting late, so I decided to go home before it got to dark. As I was walking out, I felt my phone go off, so I got it out. It was my best friend Natalie:
'Ella Houston!! Omg Ella! Guess what!! This boy called Will, who I think you might have met before, invited me to this party he is having this weekend. So I asked him if you could come too, and he said yes!!!! And he is the year above us too ;) But call me soon! Natalie xoxo'
Just as I was about to reply back, someone slammed themselves into me, and I fell back. The boy landed on top of me.
"I am so sorry, my friend stripped me over! I didn't mean to bump into you! Are you okay, did I hurt you?" exclaimed the boy.
"I am fine honestly, I think it was just my phone that took the most damage" I laugh and then look into his eyes. They were a deep blue colour. It was beautiful, like I was staring out into calm seas. i am just stood here like and idiot staring at him.
Harry's POV:
"Sorry that was my fault..." I stop taking because I feel like I am interrupting something between Lou and this girl. 
That's when I see the look on Lou's face. I knew he saw something in this girl. So I decided to be such a great friend and help Lou out! "Sorry I am Harry, this is Niall, and this is Louis" pausing for a moment. 
"Oh errmm, I am Ella. Sorry I didn't mean to walk into you, should have been looking where I was walking rather than texting." she says quietly. 
I smile to my self because Louis still can't stop staring at her. So I decide to whack his arm!
Louis's POV: 
"Owwww" I yelled at Harry, whilst he just stood there laughing at me! "Sorry, yet I am Louis! You have got a really pretty name Ella!"
She blushes. "Um, thankyou" whilst bending down to pick her phone up. However I reach it before, and hand it back to her. But then I catch a her full name in a text that was left open before I bumped into her. Ella Houston, that is a really pretty name. But then I can tell she was starting to feel a little bit awkward, so I say, "I guess we will see you around Ella! Sorry again for bumping into you!"
She replays back, "yet okay see you." as I watch her hurry off!
Then Harry turns to me, "you really like her mate don't you!"
"I don't know, she's really pretty and seems really sweet... Ohhh I don't know, I guess I do like her!"
"I knew it" he grins, smiling his head off!
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