Why me...

This is a one direction based one, about a 20 year old Ella! She has been through a rough through months with her family, relationship and health!!
But when she thought she could not stand any of it anymore, she meets Louis....

Can he turn Ella's life around and make her happy??

***this is my first story by the way, so sorry if it Is bad. But I hope you like it!! Xox*****


3. Football training

Ella's POV:
I decided I would start football! I thought maybe it would try and take my mind of all the bullying!

On the first Wednesday, I walked into the changing rooms and started to change. A group of girls also doing the football walk over to me. I knew a few of them from a few of my other classes.
"Why are you here? You are no good! You will just make a fool of yourself! We also play, to make a good impression to everyone. Especially all the boys!" says one of the girls names Chelsea, whilst all the other girls start giggling. "And the boys in the year above are going to try a coach us today! Doubt any of them will help you..."

I just walk out on them. I didn't care what they said, I just wanted to play! I wasn't the best at football, but I knew I could at least kick a ball; unlike most of the other girls. They just started screaming if a ball came near them.

Unfortunately we were having to be coach by the boys. It might have been okay, if I knew I wasn't going to be ignored... Once I saw everyone starting to warm up whilst I was just stood there alone, I went for a jog round the pitch.

Louis POV:
I was just having a laugh with the rest of the lads. I always like football, it was one of my favourite things to do! But once I realised we had to help coach the girls, I really couldn't be bothered! Most of them where really bitchy, and most weren't any good at football anyway! I think the only reason they were doing it was to try and get out attention, thinking they could get a boyfriend, from pretending to be good at football!

Once we got out Chelsea walked over to me.
"Hey Louis. Come with me! I need some help!"
"Errrrr..." Then I saw her, she looked so timid and quiet; but I thought I looked really cute! Then she started to jog round the pitch on her own. "Yer, errr sorry Chelsea, you can do it on your own!" And I run after Ella, leaving Chelsea looking so shocked, it looked hilarious!

"Ella" I shouted trying to catch up with her. She didn't hear me so I yelled again, "Ella!!"

Ella's POV:
I didn't care. I just wanted to ignore everyone! Then I heard someone call me name. I turn round, and it was Louis!!!

I was shocked to see him, I didn't know we went to the same uni! Let alone he was at football with me!
"Hey" he ran over smiling at me!
"Hi, I didn't know you did football?"
"Yer I play all the time, well when I am not doing anything with the band! I love it! I didn't know you played!"
Band!!?? What band?? Oh wait! This can't be true, he is Louis from one direction! I never really listened to their music, not because i didn't like them, I just didn't listen to that kind of music. But still how did I not recognise him, from the other day outside macdonalds! And he was with Niall and Harry as well!! Oh my god, I feel really stupid now! "I love it too! I used to be in a club, but then I stopped after, after... It doesn't matter. But I just wanted to start it again! But the rest of the girls here are useless, they scream if a ball comes near them!"
"I know" he replies as we both start laughing! "We'll I guess we are meant to be coaching you, so do you want me to help you?"

I thought he must have been joking! Maybe it was a trick, the others had said for him to do, so they could make even more fun of me! But he is smiling at me in the kindest way. Maybe he does actually want to work with me! "Well only if that's okay with you! I reply shyly!"

So we start to kick a ball around, and we are talking and laughing at the same time! He asks many questions about me. For the first time in ages I felt happy!

Louis's POV:
She was so easy to talk to! We were talking about the most random things, but it didn't matter!
About an hour layer it started raining. The pitch was starting to get very muddy and slippery. We had just started tackling, and were both running very fast! She was amazing at football! Being honest she was really fit, and she looked really cute running around everywhere covered in mud!

I went in to tackle her but then tripped and accidentally tripped her over too! She landed on top of me! She had the most beautiful eyes, a deep bright blue! There was a strand of hair over her face, so I brushed it gently behind her ear; unfortunately I had mud all over my hand from the ground, which lead to there being a long streak of mud over her face! I burst out laughing "sorry!"

Ella's POV:
He was laughing at me, I thought it was something bad, then I realised why it was because, so I grabbed a handful of mud and wiped it all over his cheeks! We both were laughing our heads off, until I realised that I was lying on top of him! So I quickly got up! "Do you want to go in, I think I am going to go and get changed, plus I am going to be late for my next class!"
We had started walking over to the changing rooms.
"What class have you got next?" he asked.
"Art I think."
"Me too, I will see you there." He smiles at me, whilst I walk off to go an change!

Niall's POV:
I watched as Louis walked in the changing rooms! I decided to come and watch with the rest of the boys; Liam, Zahn, and Harry, with Danielle and Perrie (Liam's and Zahn's girlfriends). We all watched how Louis was smiling and laughing with Ella! Even though they had only met briefly a few days ago, everyone could tell he really liked her! However you could tell the other girls were jealous! Just before louis came over to talk to me in the changing rooms, to boys (Matthew and Ryan) pushed him to the side!
"Why are you trying to be friends with Ella! You should just ignore her you idiot! She is worthless, no one likes her!" shouts Ryan.
Louis quickly replies back, "what does it matter to you! I like her, she is so kind, and really pretty! I don't see why everyone hates her, I don't, she seems really friendly! I don't see why your making a big deal over it!"
"Because she used to e my girlfriend! I dumped her a few months ago, because she is a right loser an an idiot! I could do better than her!" Ryan yells back!
"Really? She is perfect, maybe it was a good thing you aren't going out, because then she has probably realised she can do a million times better than you!" Louis says and storms off over too me!
"You really like her don't you?" I say.
"Yer we have only just met but she is perfect Niall! I think I really do love her!"
"We'll just try and spend more time with her, and maybe something between you could happen!"
"Thanks mate, I know I can rely on you" Louis smiles at me.
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