Why me...

This is a one direction based one, about a 20 year old Ella! She has been through a rough through months with her family, relationship and health!!
But when she thought she could not stand any of it anymore, she meets Louis....

Can he turn Ella's life around and make her happy??

***this is my first story by the way, so sorry if it Is bad. But I hope you like it!! Xox*****


1. Boys...

**************(Sorry, this is not part of the story! but if there are any weird words wrote, its probably because i am writing this ob my ipod! so its probably autocorrect! thanks, hope you like it! xox)********

Ella's POV:

**Flashback** I thought we were okay... We had been going out for nearly a year and 2months! I loved him.
But then he dumped me. However the thing that hurt me the most was he said I wasn't good enough for him! Plus he asked his ex girlfriend to text me to say that he had dumped me!
I was so angry! This is when I realised everything! He never put any effort into see me! I will agree in public I am quite a shy person, but infact I am usually very loud and talkative! But he was one of the only people I was shy too! But I didn't know why! He said he sent me a message on Facebook saying he wish he had never gone out with me because I was too quite?!! Why didn't he just say that I was to quite to me! But he never told me anything! He slated me of behind my back! He started calling me sluts because I was too quite?! Why...
The next day he started calling me desperate... Just because another boy I was quite close to wad trying to cheer me up. 
But then within 3days after our breakup he was starting to flirt with all my best friends! He asked one out, even though she said no, because she was so close to me! Then he started saying he was going out with a girl who was 18! He was only 13... It turned out he had made her up, just to try an get me jealous...
I loved him, but he then broke my heart... **end of flashback**
I have never been that popular. I find it hard to fit on with people I do t really know. I haven't really dated many boys either! I got called names because I used to wear these horrible glasses! I stop wearing them once I started my secondary school. Everyone used to stare or make fun or call me horrible names! I wasn't the best at sport at the time! I guess I understood most subjects more than others, but they made more fun of me because of that! I always just wanted to fit in! 
Now I am I'm university, I get laughed at by some botchy girls or some stupid boys because the colour or my jeans might be a tint to dark, or I had my hairstyles the wrong way! These are all pointless things everyone says, which nowadays I just try to ignore. I usually plug my headphones in and Listen to music, that blocks out everyone!
I dream about having a boyfriend that is perfect for me! It would be great of he was good looking, but I just want a kind, honest boy who will be there for me! Love me with all his heart, and try to make me feel special! I just want a boy who will be the one to put a smile on my face!
But I know that would never happen, plus I get told enough tomes anyway...
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