Red [A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction]

Harry looked around casually making sure nobody was watching and ran off to where he had hears Louis scream ''Louis?!'' He screamed repetitively running around the hallways. With no reply he started to create scenerios in his head of what he had done, a small whimper came from the room across the hall. Harrys head snapped toward it as he ran at it slamming his hands on the door frame ''open the damn door Louis!'' No reply ''Louis goddammit'' Another whimper came from behind the door ''Stop doing that you dumbass'' He screamed slamming his hands on the doorframe again, giving up on Louis opening the door he backed up and rammed his body into it loosening it a bit he slammed into it once more, it burst open. He looked around the small bathroom his eyes catching on the bathtub walking toward it he screamed kneeling down he looked at the small boy in the bathtub, cuts devouring his wrists 'Louis' He muttered kissing the cuts 'Harry' He croaked his eyes barley open...


1. One

'Louis' Harry muttered looking down at the cuts devouring his wrists 'Harry' Louis replied his eyes barley open, 'Its okay baby im here, keep your eyes open okay?'' Harry instructed pulling his phone out of his pocket adding for Louis to squeeze his hand every time he gets tired. Typing in Liams number he felt for Louis to squeeze his hands ''Hello?'' The phone blared ''Liam help Lo-Louis he's- just come...'' Harry held himself back from crying feeling Louis squeeze his hand again ''Good job baby'' Harry smiled listening to Liams feet in the hallway ''In here'' Harry screamed ''Harry im soo t-tired..'' Louis stuttered his eyes drooping ''No no no stay awake fuck liam come I need help call 911 oh my god please'' Harry couldn't hold back anymore as he sobbed throughout his sentence ''Fuck Liam'' He looked at Louis as he closed his eyes ''No Louis wake up!'' He screamed his body propelling forward and shaking Louis body ''Louis, Louis'' He repeated listening to Liam call the ambulance ''They'll be here in five minutes'' Liam said dropping his phone onto the counter and placing himself beside Harry, ''We don't have five minutes Liam he need help..NOW'' Harry sobbed shaking Louis harder his tears staining his shirt as Liam sat in terror the cuts beginning to become over whelming ''Harry stop'' Liam placed a hand on Harrys stomach attempting to pull him back ''Harry'' Liam screamed yanking him back ''HARRY'' liam pulled him back with both hands and pinned him to the ground, Harry swung at Liams face with his fists ''I need to help him'' Harry screamed squirming his hands flailing everywhere ''Fucking sop it Harry'' Liam roared punching Harry in the face he screamed in pain Liam pinned Harrys hands down as he heard the rest of the boys come in ''What the fuck'' Niall cursed his hands shooting over his mouth at the sight of Louis ''We called an ambulance and Harry freaked out, soo I had to ah punch him in the face to shut him up'' Liam spoke quick but not quick enough as Zayn ran out of the bathroom at the first sound of an ambulance while Niall sat down at the bath where Louis sat ''Hey bud,'' Niall spoke grabbing at Louis and pulling him up to sit up ''You just gotta squeeze my hand soo I know you can hear me okay'' Niall said hoping for a 'reply' back, smiling when Louis hand squeezed his own ''Good job'' Niall cheered ''We called an ambulance and their going to help you, okay?'' He spoke softly as Louis squeezed his hand again ''Keep squeezing my hand until they come'' Niall instructed sitting on his bum and kissing Louis cuts ''I love ya bud'' He kissed them again as the paramedics ran in Zayn right behind them ''Excuse me sir'' Niall moved quickly and let go of his hand watching as the man strapped Louis in and rushed him out of the room. The boys stood there Harry silent and staring at the bath ''He's gone.'' He sobbed ''I just know it''









Hope you liked it! More to come later!

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