Bad Teacher~Harry Styles~

He's a gym teacher.He's her volleyball coach.He's a Bad Teacher.


1. Leah Moore

Hai :) okay,So my name is Leah Moore.I'm a senior in highschool.I'm 17 almost 18.I was born July 15th.My boyfriend's name is Jason.He's so adorable.He has brown hair and bright blue eyes.He's a jock.He plays football and basketball.I play volleyball.I have Blonde hair and Blue eyes I'm really tall.I'm like 5'11 or so.


My best friend is Kaylee.We're the same age.

My mom is really nice.She Practially lets me get away with anything.My dad wasn't like that.He was so strict.I say 'was' because he and my brother died in a car accident.It was bad, of course.I miss them so much.


Here are mah likes:

-Guys with dark hair, and light eyes


-babies (not until I'm older)

-Guys with cute laughs

-Boys that blush, and aren't afraid to kiss/hug/hold hands in public



Things I dislike:

-Keeping secrets

-People who lie. I can't STAND lying.

-Death (Doesn't everybody)



That's about it. Thanks for reading :)

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