Thus is a fanfic I wrote about a love between Liam and Rebecca. Rebecca's parents have died and she met Liam at a signing. While Liam soon finds out that her dad works with Liam and the boys. What will Liam do?


1. The signing

Liam P.O.V
Well I can't stop thinking about how much I screwed up with Daniel,le. She was an amazing girlfriend! But of course it had to end, everything had to end. Now I look into the fans eyes and see the love they have for us, why can't Danielle see that? I wanted her soo bad. She was everything, my everything. Then there was another signing today, how fun. And to top it off it is in Alberta. That's soo far from home. I can't not go they need me.
So me and the boys went to Alberta, which was a long trip and we settled down getting ready to sign a million pictures and other things. Then Louis whispere to me "hey man, I know it has been hard on u with the break up but I think you might want to look at the fans. I mean they might fan girl but they will always love you. You kno I'm right," louis gave me the 'don't fuck this up' look.
I sighed, I knew he was very right. I needed to trust him. I needed to date a fan.
Rebecca P.O.V
Omg!! I am getting to go to a one direction signing I am so excited!! Best birthday present ever!!
As I got dropped off at the signing I was standing in the cold, waiting to get in. Adrenals running through my veins, pumped. I can't wait to meet the boys!! Especially Liam !
Liam P.O.V
It has been the same for hours. Signing and talking and laughing and calling Paul in and out. Not a single girl actually care for what's in side. I was out of hope when a beautiful blonde girl walked up to Harry asking for his autograph, she gave him a great big hug and a cd to sign as well as a Kiss Me shirt. Next was louis he handed him a carrot and a big bright smile. Louis told her a joke ( I couldn't hear him, I was lost into her beauty) and a sweet giggle left her lips.
I instantly looked down as she moved closer to me, what was I going to do?
Oh my god, this was the one. A fan, a directioner.
Delaneys P.O.V
This was absolutely amazing. Meeting the boys was a dream come true, thy where my world. I loved them so much. The real reason I was so happy to see them was zayn. He is just so perfect. I loved him, as much as a fan girl could.
As I approached him, I saw his jaw tense and I gave him a weak smile. He flashed his perfect teeth and had eyes that shone in the light.
"Hello beautiful what would you like?" His charm swept through the room.
" we'll you if course," I winked at him. He laughe slightly. " but I would be happy with your signature"
Liam took the cd I handed him and opened it up revealing his number, twitter and kik. As long as a line that I would read soon.
He had his pointer finger at me and wriggled it telling me to get closer. I leant down and Paul rushed over.
" it's okay," Liam said to Paul reassuring him.
He looked into my eyes.
Liam P.O.V
As she leaned into me I whispered " girl, I think that we have a connection. I want you to come on tour with us. Or atleast back to England. I want you" the last sentence rang through my ears and went straight to my heart.
I really did want her.
As she continued down the line I sawyer in her phone, guessing she was talking to someone, would she leak this to the media?
Zz zzzz
I looked down at my lap and saw a strange number that said ' I want you also, your amazing and I love everything about you. This is Rebecca the blonde girl :)' I smiled down at my lap.
Harry startled me " okay Payne , I'm sure your happy with what you got down there but youneedto sign this stuff." He through a devilish smile at me. Oh Hazz thought.
Rebecca's P.O.V
I had just texted Liam I was sitting in a lobby and I could see a big smile reached his lips as harry told him something.
I was going to be his girl, this was the best. Then I heard a familiar 'bing' from my phone. He had texted back " hello Rebecca is such a unique name for such a gorgeous girl. I will convince the boys to let me drive you back just is to talk. And then we will get a start in this. Talk to you after signing babe," he sure knew his way with words
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