Thus is a fanfic I wrote about a love between Liam and Rebecca. Rebecca's parents have died and she met Liam at a signing. While Liam soon finds out that her dad works with Liam and the boys. What will Liam do?


2. The scar

Rebecca P.O.V
Hours later
I woke up to a large hand running through my blonde locks in a large car. I instantly shot up, breathing very heavy.
"Hey, you passedout and we had to head back to England. I thought you might want to come. I mean I thought you did,".a sexy British voiced said with guilt in his voice. Liam.
" oh uh yeah I guess," I replied hesitant what to say to a celeb.
" well lets get to kno each other first. I'm Kia I'm in a band calle--," I cut him off.
"You smart ass," I giggle hesitantly.
" fine tell me something about you," he gave me a wink.
" what's to tell in obsessd with one direction, and I have posters of this really sexy guy named Liam . I really like tell me a lie," I shot him back a look, then broke into a laugh.
"I think I might kno him, and I found this girl at a signing and she is really pretty. Except I want to kno more about her. " he replied, nudging me to speak.
"Fine, I live in Edmonton. My birthday is January 6th and yeah,"
" what about your parents," he asked
"Dead and in jail," I replied with a tear in my eye.
Liam slammed on the breaks startling me and making my jacket slide off my arm. Showing off my scar. I quickly pulled it back up hoping he didn't notice.
"Why are we stopping," I asked in the silence.
Liam P.O.V t
When I slammed on the breaks I noticed that she had a long scar down the length of her arm.
I wonder what would cause such a large scar. I wouldn't ask, we barley knew each other and it seemed like she didn't want me to see it.
"I want to apologize for not being polite about your parents I shouldn't have Said anything. I'm sorry Rebecca . " he answered with emotion filling his voice
" oh Liam there was no way of you knowing and don't you even worry!" I exclaimed acing a kiss on his cheek.
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