Thus is a fanfic I wrote about a love between Liam and Rebecca. Rebecca's parents have died and she met Liam at a signing. While Liam soon finds out that her dad works with Liam and the boys. What will Liam do?


7. Liam's flat

Liam P.OV
Wow. Money well spent. She looked stunning. I loved how she teased me. It really turned me on. I'm not really the good one. It just looks that way. I have more tattoos than zayn.

When we got back to my flat I opened up my wardrobe and let her see that there was a spot for her stuff. I let her organize while I went to go cook. I bet she thought the wardrobe at the hotel was impressive this had a whole new level of awesomeness.

When I went to go and tell her that the food was ready she was sorting out everything. She was almost naked. I guess she was gonna change into something more comfortable. She had just pulled off her lingerie when I knocked on the door.
"Phew. Liam you scared me! And I need to change!!" She almost screeched.
"We'll you don't need to." I quietly said. I felt the smile appear on my lips.
"Too late I'm in comfy clothes." She answered in a huff.
"We can always take them off " I said as she walked out if the wardrobe and closer to me.

Rebecca's P.O.V
"I see," I said as I noticed a smile upon his soft lips.

He placed his hands on my hips. He wiggled me closer to him. I let out a giggle which was soon muffled out from his lips. We kept kissing for a while. Just linked with each other. It was nice. It felt normal. Made me forget who he really was.

He moved his hands to the laces on my sweats. He pulled the loop loose and I stepped out if them. Moving closer towards him, he kissed my neck.

"3..2...1'" he counted down and lifted me off my feet. In a bridle style kind of way.
"Where are we going?" I wondered
"Food, and then bed," he said
"We are eating?"
"Yeah, I'm starving. Sorry mans gotta eat."
"Then I'll show you the rest of the flat. "
"Mms" I knew what he had in mind and it didn't bug me at all.

As we finished the last parts if the spaghetti he had cooked, he looked up at me and smiled.
What did that mean? I'm confused.

Liam p.o.v
"Ready?" I said as I finished up the dishes.
"For what," she asked
"Let me show you,"
I picked her up and carried her up to my room.
"We'll thus is my bedroom an--"
My sentenced was inturupted by her.
"How about we stay n here for a little while?"
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