Thus is a fanfic I wrote about a love between Liam and Rebecca. Rebecca's parents have died and she met Liam at a signing. While Liam soon finds out that her dad works with Liam and the boys. What will Liam do?


8. His room (sex scene)

"Sounds amazing baby," I answered. I can't believe this amazing girl is mine. I met her at a signing and now we are together. Louis was so right, a fan is exactly what I needed. She will always love me no matter what. Rebecca is exactly the type of girl I need.
"Liam?" Rebecca poked at me. I was ripped from my thoughts
"Sorry. Just got thinking" I smiled
"About?" She pierced her eyes into my soul.
"You. It started at a signing and now your mine," I explained.
" and your mine, everything is almost perfect. " she teased.
" almost?" I persist.
" kiss me,"
I smashed my lips onto hers. She kissed back fiercely. Wow she is a really great kisser. We moved back onto my bed. I got on top of her and forced my tongue for Domince. Of course the Payne won.

Rebecca's p.o.v
Wow. I usually won Domince. But Liam won, damn. Oh we'll this is still hit. Sometimes I can't even bilieve he us mine.
He moves his hand down to the bottom if my shirt. He kisses my neck before going to my stomach and trailing kissing as he lifts up my shirt until it is off. I gave a skft giggle. He pulled my bra off and placed a hand over one boob while kissing my neck. I let out a slight moan.

I rolled over on top of him while still kissing him. Palming his hard in. He let out a moan. "Wow your really good,"
"Thanks babe" with the words I spoke he undid my belt and pulled my pants off. "Are you ready for the PAYNE?" He winked.
He started to massage my clit while licking and tougueing me. I let out many moan.
" I'm just as good, "
I caught my breath again. I took Liam's t shirt, pants, boxer all off and grossed it away. I bent down and started to suck his dick. I did this for a while.

"Babe, I need to be in you, this is unbearable," Liam whined and he turned my over pushing in his full length. I did not expect him to be so big but he was. It hurt at first but pleasure soon rushed over my body.

*****authors note********
Hey guys sorry for not updating in forever. And sorry if this isn't what you wanted. Leave comments and suggestions thanks love you all
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