One Direction Imagines

I will be writing One Direction Imagines for anyone who comments below. Read the first chapter for the info.


2. Imagine for HarrysBabe312

Alyssa's POV

"C'mon Harry! Please...?" I whined.

"No, babe." I looked in his emerald green eyes with my brown ones. His eyes narrowed as I ran to him and got down on my knees. "Pleaassee Harryyyy??" I begged him.

I looked in his eyes again, looking for even just a hint of hope in amongst his green orbs. And then I saw it.

He sighed. "Ok, fine I'll do it. But if I fall, you," he pointed at me with a witty grin, "are the one who is catching me!"

I laughed. "Ok, yes I will catch you if you fall. But I doubt you would anyway."

"But Alyssa, I've never tried skateboarding before, not once!"

"Trust me, you'll love it!"

Harry's POV

We were already outside and Alyssa handed me her skateboard. I took it out of her hands with my shaky ones, she obviously noticed.

"Haz, why are you shaking?" She asked, looking me in the eye, smirking.

"I'm scared." I mumbled.

"Oh c'mon, I'll hold your hand..." She trailed off.

I sighed. "Ok." She did a little victory dance, knowing that I will finally step on the skateboard. I smirked at her.

Once I was safely secured with knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet, I put one foot on the end of Alyssa's skateboard. It moved a little, I looked at her and stuck my arm out for her to take my hand. She did and I slowly put my right foot on the skateboard in front of my left.

I looked down at her once again, then looking above me at the sky. It was sunny but thick clouds were slowly heading their way towards us.
I smiled to myself, hoping that it will rain.

"You good so far?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked back down to Alyssa.

"Erm, ya. I'm good."

"Good. Now put your right foot on the ground and use it to push yourself forward, then put your foot back on the skateboard." She slowly instructed me.

Ok. I can do this. Sounds pretty easy.
I did as she said and gripped onto Alyssa's hand as I pushed myself forward.

I smiled. This wasnt hard at all.

"Yay! Now that's basically all you need to do, but just keep your balance," I nodded, "wanna try it again?"

I nodded once more and gripped onto Alyssa's hand a bit.
I put my foot on the ground, pushed myself forward, and put my foot back on the skateboard. I did it a couple more times and started to grow an interest for skateboarding.

"Can you show me how it's done properly?" I asked.

"Yeah sure!" I let go of Alyssa's hand and stepped off the skateboard, looking around if anyone was watching or if any cars were coming. Nope, there was no one.

Alyssa hopped on the skateboard immediately and started to ride around on the road. "Be careful for any cars!" I called out to her.

"Yeah, yeah, I know!"

I smiled. She was really good at skateboarding. She showed me a couple tricks, something called an ollie, a nollie, and a kick-flip. I was really impressed and she started to ride a bit faster down the road. I ran to catch up with her. "Alyssa!"


"What are you doing?"

"Showing you how fast I can go!" She yelled.

Oh no.

"Please, Alyssa, don't! I'm worried you'll get the wobbles and trip!"

"It's alright Harry! Don't worry!" She screamed back to me as I had stopped running. I watched her turn around and continue riding, she slowed down a bit and a huge wave if relief washed over me.

She turned to look at me still riding the skateboard. "See? Looks cool, eh?"

"Yeah of course!" We smiled at each other, then I looked down the road in front of Alyssa. I saw a couple of branches that had fallen into the road. Alyssa was still riding her skateboard, looking at me, she obviously didn't notice the fallen branches.

Oh no. She was going to trip and hurt herself, I can't let that happen to my baby. "Alyssa watch out!" I screamed, running onto the road towards her. She looked in front of her and saw the branches that had fallen onto the road. Her skateboard hit them which sent her flying up in the air. Unfortunately it was a short distance so I had to run faster. As soon as she was about to hit the ground, I dived and held my arms out in front of me to catch Alyssa in my arms.

I landed on the ground, not even realizing I had squeezed my eyes shut until I opened one. I saw Alyssa in my arms looking at me with a huge thankful smile on her face. She got up and so did I and I gave her a bear hug. "I'm so glad you're safe." I nuzzled my face into the crook of her neck and she laughed.

"Thank you for saving me babe." We broke from the hug.

And that's when I felt it.

I could feel raindrops falling from the sky. Alyssa and I looked up and saw that it started raining.

"C'mon babe. Lets go inside." Alyssa said and started to run back to the house. I wuickly grabbed her arm and looked in here big, brown eyes. She was confused.

"Hazza, what are you doing?" She asked with curiosity.

I grinned. "Just checking something off my bucket list,"

I smashed my lips onto hers and immediately, I felt warmth spread all over my body. We kissed for a minute and Alyssa broke away. She looked in my green eyes with her brown ones.

I leant towards her and whispered in her ear, "I love you, Alyssa"

"I, uh -um I, I love you too Harry."
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