Forever and Always

ANGIE PROV. I walked up to him and kissed him. "I love you" he said. "I love you more" I said. He smiled and kisse me again. "You promice that we will be together forever?" I asked. "Forever and Always" he said. I smiled and kissed him.


1. Meeting You

I walked in starving. I was so hungry! I walked in and starred at the menu. I heard someone ordering like the whole menu! I was finally up. I said my order then sat down and started eating. "Excuse me" a heard someone say behind me. I turned. "Ya?" I asked. "You dropped something" he said. He picked up my purse from the floor. "Uh thanks" I said. I smiled. The place was pretty crowded. "Can I sit with you it's pretty crowded" he said. "Ya sure" I said. He brand his food to my table. "I'm Niall" he said as he sat down. "I'm Angelina just call me Angie" I said. I grabbed a fry and stuffed it in my mouth. I looke at all his food. "Are eating with someone?" I asked. "No" he said. "Oh" I said. I took a drink of my soda. "So Angie.." he started to say. "So Niall.." I said. He chuckled. I smiled. He did too. "So why are you here eating alone?" he asked. "I don't know I guess I was to hungry to invite anyone" I said as I shrugged. He chuckled. We spent the whole night talking and I liked it. I threw away my garbage. He did the same. "So when do I get to meet 'the boys'?" I asked giggling. "Today?" he asked. "Umm to early" I said. "No come on!" he said as he took my hand. We got into his car. Now I know you might think I'm dumb because I got in the car with some guy I just met tonight. But there was something about him. I trust him. I got in and we drive to a hotel. "Why are we at a hotel?" I asked. "Becase we are on tour" he said. "Oh" I said. I got out. He held me. Then I tripped over something. I fell into his arms. I looked up into his deep blue eyes and kissed him. He smiled. I smiled back.
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