Love is in the air

When lily moves to England from Canada she meets world sensaion Louis tomlison from one direction her life turns upside down but will it work out??? Read the book to find out :)


2. Wanna hang out some time?

When you go home your phone starts to vibrate

From: unknown
Hey it's Louis I wondering if you want to hang out tomo??

I saved him in contacts then replied

To: Lou <3
Sure I live on 56 fluffyunicorndrive does 7 sound Gud ???

From: Lou <3
Yea see ya byee

You look at the text and smile then got to bed and go into your dream world. You wake up because your alarm go's off you turn it of and check the time 6:39 your eyes widen and you rush to the bathroom take a shower, brush your teeth, and put on light make up. Then you into your closet and pick out some white skinnies with a orange shirt that says I love carrots and some TOMS then head down stairs you check the time and its 6:57 "he will be here any minute" you say. After 2 minutes you hear a knock at the so rush to door and open it "hey woa you like carrots too" he says excited "yea I'm totally obsessed with them" you say.
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