Love is in the air

When lily moves to England from Canada she meets world sensaion Louis tomlison from one direction her life turns upside down but will it work out??? Read the book to find out :)


5. Meeting the boys 😊

Still Lou's POV: "I was wondering if wanted to meet the boys"I say "sure when" says lily "how bout... Now?" I ask "sure" she says. I start the car and head to the mansion.


We arrived at the mansion "wow...." She whispers as we walk to the front door. I open the door and find zayn,Liam,Harry playing ps3 and Niall eating I'm not surprised.

Lily's POV: I walk inside "guys! come here I want you to meet someone!" Yelled Lou god he is cute. 4 boys come running to the door "guys I want you to meet my new girlfriend lily" Lou says proudly "hi" I say "this is zayn" Lou says pointing to the black haired boy "hi" he says "this is Harry just to warn you he is big flirt" Lou says pointing to a curly haired boy "ello my friend" he says I laugh a little. "This is Liam the brown haired boy and Niall the blonde and he eats a lot" you laugh "hi" they both say.
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