Love is in the air

When lily moves to England from Canada she meets world sensaion Louis tomlison from one direction her life turns upside down but will it work out??? Read the book to find out :)


3. Hang out time

Louis POV: ever since I've laid my eyes on lily I knew I was in love with her "lets go" I say "sure let me get my stuff" she said. A few a minutes later she came back locked her house and got into my and we left. While I was driving me and lily started singing and dancing in our seats to whatever song came on then we finally got to Burger King we went inside and ordered and then sat down "so lily tell me about yourself" I say "well, I am from Vancouver, Canada and my parents passed away when I was 18 and I am 20 and obsessed with carrots!" She said "well I'm sorry for your loss and I am from here and I am 21 and single" I said winking we burst out laughing then food comes and we eat I pay then we leave and get in the car "so I know this is a little fast but I am falling for you hard and I was wondering if wanted to be my girlfriend" I say quickly "I don't know" she says "please" I say with a puppy dog face "fine" she says "yay" I scream and kiss her she kisses back we make out for a good thirty seconds then pull away.
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