Love is in the air

When lily moves to England from Canada she meets world sensaion Louis tomlison from one direction her life turns upside down but will it work out??? Read the book to find out :)


1. Can I get you anthor coffe?

Lily's POV: Just anthor boring day it's been 2 weeks since I have moved to England and I still don't know anyone. So I decided to go to Starbucks so I grab my coat, purse, keys, and my lucky carrot charm bracelet( cause I'm obsessed with carrots). Then walk to Starbucks when I got in I walked straight to the line. When it was my turn to order I ordered a coffe with a cookie. When they called my name I grabbed my coffe and cookie and was about to head back to my table I bumped into some one and spilled hot coffe all over me "ahhhh hot coffe" I screamed "oh my gosh I really sorry can I buy you anthor coffe?" The stranger says "no no it's fine" I said with a quick smile "please I insist it's least I can do for you" says the stranger sounding gulity. "Fine" you say as he orders two coffes. "Here you go oh and my name is Louis Louis tomlison" he says as you and him walk to a table "thanks and my name is lily lily Johnson" you say happily. you both laugh and talk for an hour. "I better get going it was nice meeting here's my number" he says handing you a piece of paper "it was nice meeting you too and here's my number" you say as you hand a piece of paper to him then you leave.
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