Wrong Reasons

Zayn and Perrie have just broken up but Zayn does the unexpected and regains the status as taken. The boys love his girlfriend, sadly more than Zayn does and drama occurs when a secret is told. Who will end up with who? Who's heart will be smashed and who will get by okay?


5. •5•Bad Choices

~Louis POV~

I promised Zayn that I would help him with the explaining to Maddy even though she already knew. I glanced over at Zayn who was currently driving the care and smiled gently. He was all sad panda and I wanted to burst into tears at the sight of him. Zayn pulled into the driveway and slid the keys out of the ignition. "Ready?" I ask and he nods softly. We step out of the car and we walk up to the house. I knock on the door and ring the doorbell, and waited. Soon a tall brown haired girl opened the door and smiled at me. Madison's smile fades when her gaze lands on Zayn. ouch.

"Hey" she said, not as happily as she could have said it. "Come in", Maddy moved out of the way letting us in. Zayn and I walked over to her living room with her and took a seat. She sat down in a rather comfortable looking armchair and we awkwardly sat down on the couch. "So what's up?" Maddy asked us, even though she probably had an idea why we where there.

I nudge Zayn, harder than necessary mind you, and he grumbled something inaudible which was most likely a cuss word. "Umm. I really like you Maddy, I do. But I still have feelings for Perrie. Stronger ones. I'm really am sorry" He said, honestly.

Oh boy. Great way to save feelings! Typical Zayn.

"I uhhhmmm, originally started dating you to get Perrie jealous..." He said.

And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, how to break someone's heart 101.

Zayn was nervously twiddling his thumbs and when I looked up tears slipped down Madison's pale cheeks, "You could have told me sooner Zayn" she choked out. The quiff haired boy beside me got up and attempted to hug her. She pushed him away before saying quietly, "I think It's time for both of you to go". I nodded and started to follow Zayn, only to be stopped by a tear stained girl. "Can I talk to you for a sec?" She asked me weakly. Although she was already talking to me I nodded.

"I'll be out in a bit Zayn, go on ahead" I told him while looking into Madison's eyes the whole time. When the door clicked close she wrapped her arms around me in a friendly hug.

"Thank you Lou! You're truly the best"

I smiled and hugged her back, still looking into her beautiful eyes. What I did next was very uncalled for. I leaned close and kissed her soft lips. She frose and after a few seconds she pulled back. "Good Bye Louis" she whispered stepping away from me and avoiding my eyes.

Oh great. Good job Louis! You just made even more drama.

I basically dashed out of her house. I hopped into the car and sighed. "Lets go." I mumbled under my breath to Zayn. What is wrong with me? Seriously Lou, you just can't kiss every pretty girl you come across, That's just NOT how things work. I sighed again, shaking my head.

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