Wrong Reasons

Zayn and Perrie have just broken up but Zayn does the unexpected and regains the status as taken. The boys love his girlfriend, sadly more than Zayn does and drama occurs when a secret is told. Who will end up with who? Who's heart will be smashed and who will get by okay?


4. •4•Olga the Maid

Zayn's POV~~
Okay. I've done lots wrong and there is only one thing I can do. Come clean and apologize. Okay, two things. First I should say sorry to Louis. I threw a lamp at him, he deserves a sincere apology. I slip out of my room, key in hand, and make my way to Harry and Lou's room. I look up at the door, take a deep breath and knock lightly on the dark red painted wooden door. I hear whispering from inside and a few moments later I heard the lock sliding.

The door opened, revealing a smiling harry. "what is it Zayn?" he asks me in the deep voice of his. If I were a girl I would have died, right then and there. But I'm not female nor gay. His voice had no effect on me.

"Is Louis here?" I ask him, although I could see the older boy's head peeking  around the bedroom door.

"umm, no he left." Harry said confidently. Liar.

I cough and pointed to the bedroom, "I Can see him" I say, raising an eyebrow in question. Quickly Louis ducked back Ito the room and yells to me, in a 'very' feminine voice mind you.

"Errr, I'm the ummm maid ehhh, Olga. Yeah Olga. No Louis here".

That was the worst German accent ever. I mentally facepalm and sigh. "Louis, you wouldn't even sound female if I kicked you in the groin!" I call to him, just loud enough for him to hear. I glance at a basically pissing with laughter Harry, push him out of the way, make my way to the bedroom and glance at Louis.

"Shit" he muttered from his crouching position on the floor. I pull him up and sigh deeply.

"I'm sorry Lou. I overreacted. Maddy had a right to know... I'm very sorry." I said, meaning every word. Louis wraps his arms around me in a big Boobear hug.

"It's okay Zaynie, it's okay" he said and I hugged him back.

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