Wrong Reasons

Zayn and Perrie have just broken up but Zayn does the unexpected and regains the status as taken. The boys love his girlfriend, sadly more than Zayn does and drama occurs when a secret is told. Who will end up with who? Who's heart will be smashed and who will get by okay?


3. •3•Lamps Hurt

~~About half an hour later(Still Louis' POV)~~
I stood in front of Zayn's hotel room and knocked gently on the door. "Zayn!" I call, purposely sounding creepy. Soon a tired looking Zayn appears.

"what is it Lewis.." he said, pronouncing the 's'. I smile and push him into the room. Closing the door behind me.

"Okay Zayn. Let's get serious." and at that he started laughing. Like I don't mean like a small chuffle. I'm talking full on Niall laughing. "Zayn... Come on. I'm being serious about being... Serious." I say sort of confusing myself. His laugh cuts short and he takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

"Okay what is it?" he asks me.

"do you... Umm. Still errr... Have... Umm.. Err. Feelings for umm Perrie?" I ask him awkwardly. The room just got very tense and a long silence drifted between of. Thing just got serious.

"what do you mean Lou? I'm dating Maddy remember." Zayn said, breaking the tension. I nod but shake my head gently.

"I know. But are you.. Using her to make Perrie jealous?" I ask him gently. Zayn mumbled something under his breath then sighs roughly.

"I'm not sure Louis... I don't know. Okay..." he said, raising his voice. My hands automatically shoot up in the air and I stepped back.

"deeps breaths Zayn." I tell him softly. I knew about his anger issues and frankly I was the ONLY one who could tell him to calm down. Zayn nodded and took a few deep breaths before talking again.

"okay Louis. I am okay... I like Maddy but I am mainly using her to get Perrie jealous."
What!! Zayn is doing WHAT!!??? How could he??? Poor Maddy. Okay calm the hell down Louis. DEEP breaths, okay? Wait why am I talking to myself...

"okay Zayn. You have to break up with her. It's not nice that you are doing this to her." i tell an he nods in agreement.

"do you think she knows?" he ask and I mentally slap myself. Why hadn't I came to Zayn first? STUPID LOUIS!

"um well I. Errmmm told her kind of..." i mutter hoping he didn't hear me. But he did.

"You Did WHAT??" he yells, face all red like a tomato. "Breath Zayn! BREATH!" I say to him but that only made him angrier. "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!" he Screams and grabs the nearest thing. Which happened to be a lamp. Wait. OMG RUN LOUIS RUUUNNN! It's A LAMP! I jump sideways, quickly avoiding the lamp and ran towards the door. I throw it open and slammed it behind me. The door closed just in time to save me from another flying object. I gasp and run down the hall screaming like a little girl. I felt sorry for the other people in the hotel right now. I zoom into mine and Harry's room and close the door, locking it behind me. I lean against it and take deep breaths. Oh your in it deep this time Louis. Real deep.

A glance up at a startled looking Harry. "you alright mate?" he asked and I nod.

"peachy." I sigh and walk to the couch and lay down. Harry sits down on my legs.

"you gonna tell me what happened?" and I nod.

I start to enlighten him, reciting the story from talking to Maddy till now. "then a chubby boy sat on my legs and a pushed him off" I say before I shove Harry off. He landed on the ground with an 'ooph'.

"I'm not chubby!" he said throwing a pillow at me. I roll my eyes and sit down on the ground beside him. "what do you think I should to Harry?" I ask him hopping he could  give me advice.

"I think it's up to Zayn now Louis." Harry muttered.

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