Wrong Reasons

Zayn and Perrie have just broken up but Zayn does the unexpected and regains the status as taken. The boys love his girlfriend, sadly more than Zayn does and drama occurs when a secret is told. Who will end up with who? Who's heart will be smashed and who will get by okay?


2. •2•Truth or Lie?

~~Few weeks later(Still Lou's POV)~~

Okay. This is getting very ridiculous. Zayn isn't even paying any attention to his girlfriend... I'm pretty sure he is using her to get Perrie jealous.. That sick son of a... "hey Louis!" Maddy called to me. I was currently sitting in a restaurant, that I was too lazy to remember the name of. I turned and smiled to her. I had called her here earlier to talk to her about her 'boyfriend'. "hey Maddy." I say, not as enthusiastic as I could have been.

"what the matter Lou?" she asked as she sat in the chair across from me.

"well... Um... You know... Errr... Ahhhh...." I stuttered across almost every staler I knew.

 "spit out Lou" Maddy said sternly and I took a deep breath.

"I'm almost positive that Zayn is using you..." I said, so quietly that i doubted she heard me.

"hmm? Speak up louis." I took yet another deep breath before repeating what I said, obviously louder this time. "wait... He's.... Using me?" she squeaked out and I instantly regretted telling her. I hopped up, like a bunny, and wrapped my arms around her gently, wiping her tears away.

"no no... I didn't say that he was. I said that I think he is." I whispered to her, although it only made the tears flow faster, like the showers that are British. Haha, I'm sorry. Couldn't help it!! Well if you were an old lady you'd probably hit me with your purse right now. Yeah I deserve it.

"c-can you f-find out for s-sure?" she stuttered out trying to catch her breath. I nodded and stood up.

"come one. I'll take you home." I say and help her up. I grab the Styrofoam cup I tea and make my way out side. Before I step out I flip my hood up and slipped on my sunglasses. Yes I know what you are thinking. If it's your car Louis why are you driving? Well management won't let me drive AT all. I think they are talking about revoking my license. You break a couple cars and your stamped as a reckless driver. Soon enough we arrive at Maddy's house. I help her out of the car, like a gentle-carrot.. Er I mean gentlemen, and lead her into the house.

She smiled up at me and opened the door. "thank you for telling me Louis. I always thought of you as a good friend" She told me. Wow. BAM like that I was friend zoned. But why should I care. I have El!

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