Wrong Reasons

Zayn and Perrie have just broken up but Zayn does the unexpected and regains the status as taken. The boys love his girlfriend, sadly more than Zayn does and drama occurs when a secret is told. Who will end up with who? Who's heart will be smashed and who will get by okay?


1. •1•Zaydison

~~Louis Point of View~~

It was a chilly autumn day and the boys and I were outside, chatting with the fans. We were all there. Well actually Zayn wasn't.I wondered were he was when suddenly a loud at horn sounded behind me. I turned around and saw Zayn step out of a black car with Tinted windows, but he wasnt the only one to step out. We all watched as he walked around to the otherside, open the door and help a girl out. Wait... A girl? Hah. Probably just a onenighter that Zayn decided to bring here. That dirty little... "Hey guys!" Zayn called as he walked towards us, the girl hanging off his arm like... Drapes. She was tall and had long brown hair. She wasn't skinny nor 'husky', she was a good size. I'd have to say that she was quite a looker. But I had Eleanor. I smiled at Zayn and this girl. "Who's this Carrot?" I ask pointing to the girl. She giggled and smiled gently. "My name is Madison but you can call me Maddy" "I'm Louis!" I say with a sweet smile. Yes I knew that she probably knew who I was but whatever. Niall, who was standing beside me, looks at Zayn. "so, you gonna tell us why your with this pretty girl?" he asks. "cause I'm dating her" Zayn says simply. I chuckle and roll my eyes, the fact that he had just broken of with Perrie and gotten over her. So quickly made me laugh. I was about to say something about that but the screaming fans had already Gotten to us. Girls leaped at us, how Harry would describe it, like cats.

~~a couple hours later~~
We all settled up in Liam and Niall's room after meeting out fans. It was pretty crazy. I had to sign lots of things. Posters, cd's, shoes, bags, faces, papers, bras... Yes bras... Anyways, We were all lounging around on couches and chairs, drinking some tea. Zayn and his girlfriend where here. She is actually pretty nice so I see why Zayn like her but... Zayn is so wrong for her. Maddy is such a nice girl and has a great sense of humor. While Zayn is... Well... Vain... It didn't even look like he cares about her. Like what the hell Zayn?

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