Everything About You

Madison and Elizabeth, two bestfriends end up lucky when they enter a contest for tickets to a One Direction concert and a meet and greet. When they meet they boys truths are found out and the story unfolds. Read about what happens to these two girls.

(My friend and I are writing this together and since she doesn't have an account I posted it)


1. •1•

"I can't believe we are going to meet One Direction!!" I screamed to my friend Elizabeth, probably blowing out her ear drum out but I was so excited. "This s gonna be awesome!" Elizabeth said, smiling.

-A few weeks before-
"Maddy! Maddy!" Elizabeth screamed at me through the phone. "What!" I yelled back, a little irritated. "Nothing I just wanted to say hi" She said, I rolled my eyes. This was typical for her. She was so random. I laughed, remembering something from a One Direction video I had just watched. "What?" She asked me. "Remember when One Direction were doing a interview and Niall was laying on the top of the couch and Liam just goes and casually pushes him off the back?" She laughed too. "LLL" I said, which means Laugh Like Lizzy because apparently she sounds like a gay horse when she laughs. She laughed harder. "Haha you just snorted" I yell into the phone Basically dieing of laughter myself. These are how our typical phone conversations go. "Okay, we've been on the phone for two hours and my ear hurts. Goodbye Lizzie!" I say which just makes her laugh more. I chuckle to myself and hang the phone up.

-A few days later-
 "Maddy, phone" My dad yelled to me. I grabbed the phone. "Hello" I say into the phone. "There's a contest to win One Direction tickets and a meet and greet!!!" She screamed into the phone. "Okay calm down. I'm coming over" I said.

-A few hours later-
Lizzie and I were crouched in front of the computer screen. Hopping with excitement. "Okay, click it" I said, my voice barely above a whisper. She giggled and clicked Enter. We both screamed and spazzed out. Lizzie's brother walk down the stairs and looked at us weirdly. "I don't even wanna know" He said, walking past us to the other computer. We looked at each other a screamed again. "Okay, now all we have to do is wait" Lizzie said.


And that's how it started.


(AN:Hey everyone. This chapter was written by my friend, Madison, in her POV. We will take turns writing each week. So I'll get started on mine soon :D)

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