I Loved You First

It hurts, it bleeds, it bruises, it breaks, it loves, it hates, it cares, it has it's own ways.
What is it?
A heart.
Who's heart?
Harry Styles' broken heart.
Louis was his, then Eleanor Jane Calder stole him.
He wants him back.
Will he get what he wants?


1. Old Friend

(Harry's POV)

I reach the front of the line at Starbucks

"Hi can I have a-" the worker cuts me off

"Oh my gosh your him aren't you?" She says excitedly I look down from the menu to her.

"Depends who your talking about, and I'll give you a little hint... I'm not Mick Jagger's son." I said

"No no" she laughs slightly

"I wasn't going to ask, I mean Harry Styles from One Direction." She said, I nodded tapping my credit card on the counter

"Alright, so can I have the-" she cuts me off again

"Cause I'm like a huge fan... And I was-" I cut her off this time "Can I have a large steeped tea with two sugars and a two milks?" I said louder she kept smiling

"Right ok" she said tapping in the register.

"Do you want a visit card? Everytime you visit you get a stamp and then when you get them all done you get a free tea or coffee and a crumpet." she said I sighed and looked around but then back at her.

"Sure why not?" I said she nodded she turned away to make my tea I turned to the couple behind me

"I'm so sorry, I don't mean to hold you up" I said their child came out from behind them a little boy that looked to be around 3 with blonde curly hair.

"How about I buy your son a crumpet or something?" I said

"No nonsense. It's fine" the father said as the boy hugged his mother's leg

"No it would be rubbish to have held you up and not did you a simple favour." I said smiling at him I kneeled down beside the boy

"Hi I'm Harry" I said sticking out my hand he stood infront of his Mum's leg

"What's your name?" I asked he looked at my large hand, triple his size if hand maybe even more. I stuck back the rest of my fingers leaving only one out. He stepped forwards and took my finger in his tiny hand.

"My names Benjamin" he said

"Would you like a crumpet or a cookie or something?" I asked he nodded

"Yes please" he said he let go of my finger I rested the palms of my hands on my knees.

"What one would you like?" I asked

"Cookie please" he said

"What kind?" I asked

"Chocolate chip" he said

"Ok sounds good" I said smiling I got up to my height and turned back to the worker

"Can I have a chocolate chip cookie with that?" I asked

"Yeah sure" the girl said still smiling her perky pony tail swinging behind her. She put the cookie in the bag I turned and kneeled again handing the cookie to the little boy

"Thank you" he says I nod he hugs me going on his tippy toes I smile as he hugs me.

"Your welcome I'm sorry about the wait Benjamin." I said I stood up

"Thanks" his parents say. I nod and turn back towards the register The employee writes something on the back of my card and hands it to me I stick it in my back pocket and scan my card I put in my code and take my tea.

"Thanks" I thank the girl and turn and walk out of the store. I walk down the road to find my car. I sipped my tea and found my car I got my keys out and un locked the doors I climbed into the black range rover and started the engine I took out the card. I looked at he back of it "Call me sometime? - Cleo" I read out loud her phone number was below it. I rolled my eyes, hadn't I made it clear I wasn't interested? I pulled out my phone and went onto twitter I tweeted plain and simple "@Harry_Styles: Um ok then" I locked my phone and put the car into gear. I pulled up my drive way and parked my car and got out swinging the keys around on my finger I use the keys to unlock the big double doors and walk in. I hear music I toss my keys into the glass bowl and walk in gulping my tea. I walk towards where the music is coming from I walk into the living room I find the radio. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Someone yells behind me. I know the voice. It practically rips my heart out of my chest I turn and see Louis. He jumps forward hugging me tight around my arms "Um thanks, how'd you get in here?" I asked he backed away holding up his car keys "Spare key, remember we used to live together in this house...?" He says turning around "Like what you've done with the place..." He adds picking up a pillow from the couch I stuttered on words... Louis hasn't talked to me in months. Ever since he moved out to live with... Her. He walked up "What's the matter Hazz?" He said walking over towards me he pushed the pillow against my chest. He holds the pillow there "Cat got your tongue?" He says winking at me and smirking he took the pillow in his one hand and put it back on the couch "You know I was beginning to think you hated me Hazza." He says going over to the stone mantel he picked up a picture of me and Louis standing infront of the "SOLD" sign when we bought the house. "But I see all these pictures of us around the house, you haven't given up on our friendship...yet." He said. This got me a bit angry. I worked out the lump in my throat. "I'm not the one who said our friendship was bullshit... That was you if you don't remember..." I said crossing my arms across my chest. Louis stood the same way I was he raised his brows and looked shocked by my come-back. "So he talks to me now." He says walking to another part of the room and looking at the decorations "So now he wants to be my friend?" I said my eyes following him as he walked he turns to me "Ouch" he says "Seriously Louis why did you come? You defiantly didn't want to wish me a happy birthday." I said "Oh that I did come here for but Eleanor made dinner plans with her parents tonight, so she told me to tell you we can't make it to your party tonight." He said "Figures." I said chuffing. I shook my head "Why do you say that?" He asked "Don't you see it?" I asked "See what?" He asked "Your pathetic Louis. If you would pull your head out of Eleanor's ass then maybe you would see that she's trying her best to keep you away from me" I said stepping forwards "And why is that?" He asked "Didnt you ever see anything?" I asked "What was there to see?" He asks I shake my head "Forget it" I said I walked towards the doorway then I remembered something I held out my hand walking towards Louis "Key give it up now." I said "What?" He said "Key. Give. It." I said he looks at me for a minute I raise my brows he takes out his key and takes the key off his key ring. He puts it in my hand. "You can let yourself out." I said I turn and walk to the doorway I turn around "Oh and Louis?" I said he looked up "Yeah?" He said "Thanks" I said "For what?" He said "Ruining my birthday. Tell the boys not to come and cancel the party I don't want one anymore." I said. I didn't give time for him to say anything else. I walked out of the room and climbed the stairs I shut myself in my bathroom and started to run the tub I peeled my shirt off over my head I stood I front of the mirror I tilted my head. Since the whole Louis thing I've been going to the gym a lot to my abs were more toned I had more muscle on my arms but I wasn't to big. I turned off the tap and pulled off the rest of my clothing. I slipped into the water and put my head back. I sighed. Louis did really ruin my birthday. (Louis' POV) I walk out the front door I walk got he side of my black Porsche and open the door my phone goes off. "Hello?" I answered slipping into the leather seat. "Babe?" "Hey Love" I said holding the phone between my shoulder and my ear while I buckled up and started my car. "Did you tell him?" She asked my stomach knotted when I told Harry the news he got so upset. Things didnt go as planned. "Yeah, I told him. He got upset, he wants me to cancel the party... Can you call Danielle, Perrie and Demi?" I asked "Yeah, I guess." She said "Ok see you later babe. Love you" I said "Love you too LouBoo" she said I hung up when her end went dead. I sat back in my chair. Phillip and Deborah Calder were those parents where you got sweaty palms from. I could never be myself with them. Well, atleast what I was like with everybody else. In me and Eleanor's 1 year relationship they haven't loosened up on me, Phillip watching me like a hawk and Deborah doing the same. Heck, Philip still thinks me and Eleanor haven't had sex yet... Which obviously we have... I pull out of Harry's drive way and drive towards me and Eleanor's house. >>> I pull up the gravel driveway and park outside of the newly built house I pull put my phone and dial Zayn's number "Hello?" He answers "Hey are you with the boys?" I asked "No just Niall, why?" "Harry wanted me to let you know he canceled his party." I said "Why would he tell you that? You aren't talked in like months" he said "Yeah yeah. I just wanted to let you guys know so you don't just show up to no party." I said "Yeah thanks for the heads up Louis, so what do you have planned for the night then?" Zayn asks "Me and Eleanor are going to dinner with her parents." I said with a sigh as I unlocked the door to the house. "Oh lucky you! Getting to hang out with Deb and Phil!" Zayn said sarcastically I chuckled as I hung up my jacket I slid off my vans and stepped inside the foyer and up the stairs. "Louis?! Is that you?!" Eleanor calls "Well Zayn it's been nice but I gotta go now ok? Talk to you later" I said pulling the cracked black iPhone 5 from my ear. This is my third iPhone 5 since it came out. I tucked it in my pocket and walked into the master bedroom Eleanor had 6 of her nicest dresses set up. "Hey love, why so stressed?" I asked "I don't know what to wear for dinner tonight, I don't want to look bad in front of them." She said "El you could wear Jeans and a jersey and still look to amazing for them" I said putting a hand on her cheek. She turned away and went towards the bathroom "Should I curl my hair or straighten it?" She asked "El ju-" I tried to tell her to leave it the way it was beautiful. When she cut me off. "I'll curl it you should wear a bow tie, no a tie... No bow tie. I set out your suit." She said. She shut the door before I could object. "Ok then..." I said I walked towards the bed and saw the tux I looked at it. Dinner was at 7 o'clock and it was now 6:37 I took the suit and went to change. I picked up a bow tie and looked at the back of it and saw there was a name on it. "Harry" I stared down at the name I couldn't get the image of how said he looked and the words he said to me were heart breaking "thanks for ruining my birthday" "Louis are you ready it's almost time to go" Eleanor says I turn to her my dress shirt still un buttoned I got to put the bow tie on when Eleanor stops me "No, wear a tie." She said I sighed and took a black tie and buttoned up my shirt I tied the tie around my hair I quickly went into the bathroom and redid my quiff and walked out. Eleanor's hair in curls she was wearing a dress to the top of her knees. Purple bodice and a black skirt. She wore nice velvet black heels. I slipped on dress shoes "Ready?" She asks I nodded she walks up to me and wipes at my shoulders and fixes my tie. I grab her hands "Babe, it's going to be ok" I said she looked into my eyes and nodded "Just think before you talk Louis, please. You know how much my Dad watches to see if your good for me." She said "Think before I talk?" I asked slightly smiling "You know what I mean" she said "Ok, come on let's go" I said I slipped on my jacket and Eleanor slipped on her shawl. >>> We parked and walked in "Reservation for Calder, 4" Eleanor says the waitor leads us to the table my heart rate quickens when I see her parents we sit in a booth me and Eleanor across from them "I ordered you a tea Louis" Deborah says "Thank you D- Mrs. Calder." I said Eleanor pokes my leg I link my hand with hers "So Mum, how was the trip?" Eleanor asked "Very good, your father got a little burnt but all and all it was very enjoyable." She said. I glance over at Phillip and he's watching me I feel a little un comfortable in my own skin. "Your teas and two cokes" a waitress says as she places a tea infront of me and the other infront of Deborah and Phillip and Eleanor get the cokes. "Thank you" we all thank her "Are we all ready to order?" She asked "I haven't really had a chance to glance at the menu would you mind giving me a minute please?" I asked smiling up at her. "Oh, ok sure I'll be back in a minute or two" she said smiling at me I suddenly feel Phillips eyes on me in swallow hard and keep my eyes away from him. I read over the menu and decide on noodles with some kind of cheese and tomato sauce. We place our orders and we sit in awkward silence. "Excuse me I have to use the rest room." I said I got up and walked towards the bathroom. I pulled out my phone and dialed Liam's number "Hello?" He answered I heard talking and laughter in the backround "What are you up to?" I asked "Nothing me and the boys are at Harry's" he says I feel a tang of jealousy. I should be there, celebrating Harry's 19th birthday with him. "Oh" I said "What are you doing?" He asked "At dinner with El's parents." I said "Ah good old Phillip ahy?" He says "Yeah isn't he just the greatest?" I asked sacrcastically. "Well good luck, I have to go the girls just got here" I said "Yeah, o-ok. See you later Liam" I said opening up the door and walking back to the table where the food was waiting. (Harry's POV) Liam hangs up his phone I greet the girls "Who was that?" I ask "Louis" he said my heart sank. "What did he want?" I asked "To know what I'm up to he's at dinner-" I cut him off "With Eleanor's parents..." I said nodding "How do you know?" I asked "He came to visit this morning..." I said "Oh, well lets get this party started come on let's get the cake!" Liam says I nod and follow him. (Louis' POV) "So Louis, when is your tour starting?" Phillip asks me "Soon, Paul and management haven't really worked out an actual date yet." I said "Oh you should hire more organized staff." He said "Dad." Eleanor says "I'm just saying, if you two are going to get serious..." He dad says trailing off. "And if you have children, you need to know when your leaving because Eleanor has a job too." Deborah says Kids? Are you serious? We're not even married! "When should we be expecting grandchildren?" Deborah asks I've never been so un comfortable. "Mom stop" Eleanor said "El you two are in your twentys I think it is time that you settle down and have kids" Deborah says "We're not even married" Eleanor says "Exactly" Phillip says sliding a little black box in my direction. I swallow hard. (Harry's POV) "Remind me why were doing this again?" I said as we stopped at a red light "Because Louis texted me emergency we need to get him put of there, they pulled out the ring and are talking about babies! He's panicking" Liam said "We all can't just walk into the restaurant." I said "Exactly our point, your going in" Liam says glancing back at me I'm sitting I'm the middle of the back seats between Zayn and Niall. "What? No" I said "Harry just do it." Zayn says I groan and cross my arms "Fine" I said I found another excuse not to go in. "Look at what I'm wearing though" I said they all looked down at my black jeans, grey top and dark navy blue button up my sleeves rolled up my necklaces dangling "Here" Zayn says sliding his black blazer off his shoulders "Why don't you go in?" I asked he put the blazer on my lap "You need this" Zayn says looking in my eyes. I shake my head but take off the button up shirt as Liam pulls in I slide the black blazer over my shoulders and push up the sleeves. I get out of the car I get butterflies. I open the door the girl still gives me a funny look. Jeans? Converse? The only decent thing I have on was the blazer. "Can I-" I just walk past her "Sir? Sir! You can't go in there" she said following me I let my eyes scan the tables. Until I hear it. Louis' light voice I turn my head I see him his back towards me. I walk in the direction of the table I swipe a menu from a table and put it infront of my face I tuck my neck laces behind my shirt and walk towards the table I clear my throat ready to change my voice. (Louis' POV) A guy came over probably a worker came up, he had a menu over his face. I looked at him confused. "Excuse me the chef would like to see...um... Mr. Tomlinson...." He says his voice rough but sounded familiar. I looked at his figure something familiar my eyes shot up to his neck there was no sign of that paper airplane charm along with the other necklace. Then my next theory came the white ratty worn converse. I looked down and saw them. My brows came together what was he doing here? "Why would the chef want to see him?" Deborah asked "Did I ask you?" The guy snaps at Deborah still using the horse voice I wipe my mouth with the napkin "That was quite rude" Deborah said "Do you know what's rude? How I wasn't even talking to you, and you just butt in. Back off." He snapped still protecting his voice. "Excuse me?!" Deborah shrieks "Alright" I said standing up "Lets go see the...chef." I said frustrated. I grab the arm of the "Waiter" and pull him into the bathroom near the kitchen I push him against the wall holding his arms vertically. the menu drops and I see it "Damn it Harry!" I said his brows go together "Why do you look so mad?" He asked "Are you trying to make Eleanor's parents hate me?!" I snapped "What?! You wanted us to come get you!" He argues "I what?" I asked "The boys told me you wanted us to come get you out of dinner so they made me come in here and now you don't wanna leave?" He said "They said that?" I asked "Yeah" I said "Why did they get YOU of all people to come in here?" I asked "Zayn said I needed it." He says "This is a mess Phillip and Deborah are gunna hate me even more now." I said "Can you let me go now your hurting me" Harry says "No, your still in trouble" I said "What do you mean, I'm in trouble this is the boys fault not mine!" He snaps at me "You still did it, why do you think they made you come in obviously hoping we'd make up." I said "Yeah, that's not happening..." Harry says I look at him "What do you mean?" I asked "Seriously? You still think I could be your friend after what you put me through?" He asked "Please, do tell me." I said "Lets see, you posted that our friendship was the biggest load of bullshit, you came to my house on my birthday after not speaking to me for months and said you weren't coming to my party. When you could have just not showed up to like I would have noticed. And you ruined the small get together with the boys I had. Your in sensitive and you don't care about anyone but your self." He finishes I look at him baffled. We stare into each others eyes. "Your wrong" I said quietly "About what part?" He asks "That I don't care about anyone but myself. I do care Harry. I do." I said "You care about who? Oh yeah Eleanor? The girl who's controlling you? I can tell y don't wanna be here Lou. And I bet my nicest dollar that she dressed you or this evening... Laid out your suit and before you left brushed you off, she made the decision weather you wore a tie or that bow tie of mine that you still have." He said the craziest part was he was right about everything. "She doesn't control me" I said "Oh yeah? Then why aren't you my friend?" He asked. I thought about it, Eleanor told me I shouldn't spend so much time with Harry because people were starting to think we were gay. "How much do you wanna bet the answer to that question starts with E and ends with a Nor." He said I looked at him I felt my eyes start to sting. "Your incorrect." I said holding my head low "Really? Am I the only one that remembers our friendship? I know when your lying." Harry explained I looked up to his pinned figure his height making him stand taller than me by 4 inches. "You may have stopped being my friend Louis but I never stopped being yours." Harry said my heart felt like it was ripped out of my heart and thrown into a wood chipper. I looked up at him, he looked back t me tears brimming in his eyes as he bit his lip trying o hold them in scrunching his eye brows. "In my dreams we never stopped being best friends... We were the two old men causing trouble in the nursing homes. We were together until we went six feet under and they out a rock over our heads with our names carved into them. We never stopped. But then I'd have to wake up and face the harsh reality that you aren't my friend anymore." He says I feel a salty tear roll down my cheek. I start to shake with sadness I tip into Harry's chest hugging him around his waist under his blazer. He slowly put his arms around my neck hugging me close as I quietly sighed. "I'm sorry" I whispered "I'm sorry" I said louder "Just think twice about what she says to you." He says "Harry, I can't break up with her." I said "Why not?" He asked me "I love her... And I'm thinking about maybe proposing to her." I said I felt Harry's hands drop from my neck they appeared at my waist and started to push. Push me away from him. I felt my grip loosening when Harry had enough space he slipped out from the wall and me. He opened the door without saying another word. I slid down the way crying into my hands. (Harry's POV) I walked out of the bathroom weaving through the tables I caught Deborah and Phillips gaze I glared at them harshly. "Rot in hell" I mouthed to them Phillip stood up and started to pro sue me. I walked out the push door to not see the boys car. They must have went and parked "Hey you, Styles" I heard Phillips voice behind me I turned "What?" I said "You've hit some nerve doing that to me and my wife." He says "You've got some nerve to boss around a ,an that's not even your son." I said I felt an argue went coming. (Louis' POV) I collected myself wiping away the tear marks I wired a bit for the puffy ness of my eyes to go down I walked out. I sat back down "Where's Phillip?" I asked "He's out-" Eleanor started but Deborah cut her off "He's just getting rid of some un wanted trash, he'll be back shortly." Deborah says I bring my brows together in confusion "Un wanted trash?" I ask Deborah "Yes, nothing to worry about love" she says I think un wanted trash... Five seconds after Harry left he must have seen Harry. "He didn't" I said looking at Deborah. She didnt answer. I got up from the table "Louis-" Eleanor starts "No Eleanor" I said jogging out of the restaurant. I see Harry and Philip fighting Harry had a bloody lip and a swollen eye. Philip landed another punch to Harry's face making him stumble back but he came back and landed a strong right hook to Phillips face. Phillip punches him in the stomach causing Harry to curve over Phillips fist and groan "Stop! What are you doing?!" I tell at them "Be gone Louis this is none of your concern" Philip said bringing his knee to Harry's chest causing Harry to cry out in pain "Stop!" I yell "Your hurting him!" "I said be gone Louis now get back in the restaurant and let me take out this in wanted trash." Phillip says shoving Harry back and punching him in the face causing Harry to stumble back wards and landed and tried to sit up wiping the blood from his mouth Phillip kicked him in the stomach. "Can't you see he's not fighting back!" I yelled "Louis shut up and get back in the restaurant!" Phillip yells at me. Harry lands a good punch Phillip's package. Phillip kicks him in the stomach again ad grabs his shirt pulling him up getting ready to throw for sure the knock out punch. What do I do?! What do I do?! I reacted the way I should have form the start when I first came out I pushed Phillip away from Harry he turned toward me shocked at my actions when I landed a quick punch to his head I shook my hands and punched him again protecting Harry. I landed a jab to Phillips stomach he curved over my hand I patted him on the back and let him fall to the ground "If you ever touch Harry again" I said "Don't you ever come near my daughter ever again" he says to me "There's a problem with that Phillip... Eleanor is over 18 she can do whatever the fuck she wants to so how about you back the fuck off!" I yelled kicking him in the stomach "Doesn't fell good doesnt it?" I said "Come on Hazza lets get you home" I said picking up a bloody Harry who was still on the ground sitting on his knees I out his arm around my shoulder holding his hand there with my hand and wrapping the other arm around his back. I get him to my Porsche and open the door and sit him in the seat. I lean across him buckling up his seat belt as he groan in pain he had a bloody nose now but it wasn't like full on bleeding it was just a little bit of blood leaking out. But it wasn't going all over the place. I couldn't believe the damage Phillip did to him. Phillip was like what.... I don't know he's old. But Harry is 19. 19! Like seriously?! What a fucking psycho! I ran around to my side and got in started to car I looked over and saw Eleanor and Deborah kneeling beside Phillip looking like they were feeling really bad for him I shook my head. I pulled put of the restaurant parking lot and drove towards Harry's house. >>> I got Harry up to his room and laid him on his bed "Haz I'm gunna need to take off your blazer and your shirt to see if you got bad bruising if so I gotta take you to the hospital." I said he nodded I sat him up he groaned in pain I took off his blazer and peels his shirt off his necklaces falling freely his stomach was red it was for sure going to bruise but it didnt look like he had a broken rub or anything thank god. "Did you keep the stuff I left here?" I asked he nodded I walked into the closet to see that Harry still left my side of the closet empty he didn't put any of his clothes on my side I got out of this stupid suit and put on my black track pants and a grey t-shirt. I threw the tux in the hamper and walked back out to Harry who had his eyes closed and looked to be sleeping "Harry are you sore?" I asked putting my hand lightly on his side as I sat down on the side of the bed, "The best thing we should do is run you a hot bath, then I could get you cleaned up." I said he nodded slowly I got up pushing his curls aside checking his temperature like I did at the X-Factor during the diary. I walk into the bathroom and notice my side still had all the products I left here. It was like Harry was still living with me. Sat on the side of the jacuzzi tub and pushed the plug down and ran the warm water testing the temperature with my fingers. I wanted a whole should I put bubbles in? I looked in Harry's cupboards I found his favorite sweet-pea bubble bath I found his whole sweet-pea set the bath salt the gel and the heated massage gel that heated at the touch. I put some bubbles in and sprinkled some bath salt inside. I waited for the tub to fill the bathroom smelt like sweet-pea I loved after when me and Harry used to live together when after Harry bathed I'd come in for a cuddle like we used to do all the time and his curls would smell like sweet-peace would just smell so sweet. I helped Harry put of the bed and walked him to the bathroom he unbuckled his jeans and took off his socks and shoes and put his thumbs in the band of his boxers he looked at me and did a symbol to turn around which I did "Ready?" I asked "Yeah" he replied his voice coarse. Suddenly I was glad I put the bubbles in or else this would have been quite awkward. Because Harry needs my help to bathe right now being in his sore bruised state. It's not like I haven't seen him naked anyways. All of the boys have, we've all heard about his habit of being naked. Well we lived together so I've seen that part of Harry more times then I could count on both hands. He sat in the ton I wondered how I could do this I rolled up the legs of my track pants and sat on the counter that the tub sat in kind of like an In ground pool. I took the plastic decoration bowl that looks like glass that me and Harry never really used as a decoration we used it to do our hair in the tub. We didn't bathe together though. This so the first time I've ever had to bathe Harry. I grab a cloth from the side and dip it in the water and start to wash the blood from Harry's face I couldn't quite get the blood from his lip so I used my finger. His plump lips were so soft. "Ready for your hair Harry?" I asked "Yeah" he said I took the decoration bowl and wet his hair I grabbed the sweet-pea shampoo and put it in his curls I started to massage his head scrubbing slowly in his curls in put his head back I heard my phone start ringing Eleanor's ring tone "Warning your girlfriend is calling warning your girlfriend is calling" I must have left it out there I sigh "You can get that." Harry says roughly "No I know I'll she'll wanna do is talk for an hour about why I shouldn't have done what I did..." I said he nodded "All down your hair" I said I got the bowl again and rinsed all the shampoo out. I shook our his curls and they were damp but they started to curl again "I need to do your torso now ok? Are you comfortable?" I asked "Why wouldn't I be? You and me both know I'm not shy about my body." He said his eyes still closed his eyes have been closed since I helped him off the ground. I did his arms with the sweet-pea body wash and I had to do his chest now I took the sop and dabbed it on my hands I rubbed them together till I felt bubbles then I started to wash Harry's chest and then I went down and felt the six defined bumps that were his abs. I stopped scrubbing at his V-Line. I finished his legs and such. And rained the tub as he got out I helped dry him off and up got him a pair of pj pants and he slid them on after putting a fresh pair of boxers on I threw all the other clothing in the hamper. I helped him to his bed I laid him on his back "hold on I've got an idea, are you still sore?" I asked he nodded I walked into the bathroom and grabbed the heated to the touch sweet-pea cream. I took it back to the bed "Does your stomach or your back hurt?" I asked "Both" he said his eyes still closed. I put some of the cream on my hands and started to rub it onto Harry's chest and abdomen. I traced his V-Line and stopped massaging him "You go to the gym more often now?" I asked he nodded I realized this is the most we've talked in months. "Flip over" I said he slowly did as told I started to rub the cream into his back. "Remember when I used to out your cream in your back and I used to draw pictures with my finger and you would guess what it was?" I asked "That was fun" he said "Guess what I'm drawing" I said I started to draw a stick drawing of Big Ben (it's possible :p) "Big Ben?" He asked I smiled "Yeah" I said >>> I walked won stairs and started to boil the kettle. My phone started to vibrate I out it on vibrate to keep the ring tone from upsetting Harry. It was Eleanor I sighed and put the phone to my ear "Hello?" "Where are you?!" She yelled into the phone sounding half worried and half angry "Harry's" I said "I'm coming to get you" "No, don't do that stay at home" I said "I'm already at the car Louis" she said "Eleanor. Don't come." I said "Don't make a mess Louis. Just be careful ok?" I said "Yeah and what will Harry do to me? He can barely move since your dad beat the shit out of him" I said "Don't act like this is my dads fau-" I hung up right there and then when she raises her voice at me it makes me loose my patients. I shut off my phone and threw it on the counter. I finished making the teas and walked up the stairs Harry sat up I handed him the tea. "Thanks Louis" he said sipping it "No problem." I said. An awkward silence came over us. "What do you wanna watch?" I asked as he went onto Rogers on demand. He picked out Love Actually. >>> Mi blink my eyes open, I see Harry cuddled up to my chest his hands clutching onto my shirt my hands were around him. Had we fallen asleep like this? Or did sleep put us like this? I snuggled up to him more. Closing my arms around him tighter I've missed Harry so much. It's been a while since we cuddled, it felt good to have him in my arms again. I snuggled my head in his he shifted in sleep he nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck I smiled "My little Hazza" I whispered Harry's hand tightened around my shirt pulling it more Harry's head shifted and his lips smushed against my neck. His steady breathing the only sound I heard. I liked the feeling of his warm lips on my neck. Was thats wrong? I leaned away and acted liked I was asleep. I nuzzled my forehead on Harry's our noses staying together and with that. I fell asleep.

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