left to be found

Abi is 12 yrs old when she is given to the orphanage, but all is not what it seems when a certain boyband pop into the picture.

{not a romance}


2. meeting them

Abi's P.O.V

I came home from last day of school for the year. My last day of year 7 (grade 7) .. So today I came home thinking of all the great times I had when my mum (I'm Australian) decided it would be a great time to come home drunk with friends. Lets just say that night the police were called and I was taken out of my mothers custody, since my dad was in jail for abusing me I was now an orphan. Great.


At the police station:

"Because your parents arn't able to take care of you. We will be putting you in an orphanage as far away as we can in London" the officer in the room with me said. He seemed nice I like him, not sure if I could trust him but I know he wouldn't hurt me I could sense it. "Th-thank you" I mumbled. "It's fine sweety. You're going to be going on a plane tonight is that ok?" He asked me as if I was only 5 "Yeah that's great!" I yelped excitedly. You're probably wondering why I'm so excited well you see one direction live in London and well I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!! And yea I'm "dedicated". As soon as I got on the plane I fell asleep which is kinda a shame because it was my first time on a plane.


At the orphanage:

I had to admit for an orphanage it was pretty top notch their was only about 7 of us there. And the rest of them were older than me which is a lot to say for kids in an orphanage because I'm 12. because of the top notch orphanage I'm at we got an hour a day on the Internet each! I saw that one direction were going to be adopting a child soon but they didn't want one that was too young. I was just getting deep into the story that was posted about a week ago when Becky called me downstairs. "Abi someone is thinking of adopting you! Come down stairs!". I rushed down the stairs to find none other than One Direction! "Ello love" Louis said with a sweet and sympathetic smile. Then Liam piped in, saying thoughts out loud "she's the one!" I grinned like crazy! They saw this and chuckled. So who will be the main guardian? They huddle up in a circle so we could see their faces, although I could image they were quite serious. After a minute they broke apart and all looked expectantly at Liam. As Liam opened his mouth we all waited for him to say he would be my guardian instead he muttered "it will be Louis". We all stood there gob-smacked, well secretly I was screaming on the inside.

Liam's P.O.V

I knew I would regret my desiccation straight away. But Simon wanted the child to be put in the hands if the oldest, being Louis he was also the most irresponsible. Well at least she wouldn't starve because Louis lives with Harry and Harry can cook. I stood there expecting them to be given me a deaths stare but when I turned to look Louis had signed the papers and was standing there jumping up and down like one of our fans! Ohh how I love our fans!


A/N heyy guys how do you like it so far? Sorry this is only a short chapter :/ guys please give me feedback and ideas c: love ya xx~ Abi

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