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Abi is 12 yrs old when she is given to the orphanage, but all is not what it seems when a certain boyband pop into the picture.

{not a romance}


3. a LONG car ride

Abi's P.O.V

Gosh they were hot. I know it's wrong for me to think things like this but I can't deney it. Geebers get your thoughts together girl, pay attention. When I snapped out of my thoughts I realised they were all staring at me. "umm.... I'll go get my things." they all noded. I quickly ran upto my room which I was very glad to be leaving picked up my bag, and sprinted down stairs. On the last step being the clumsy me I am I slipped and fell, infront of One Direction. ohh well if I'm gonna be living with them they will just have to get used to it. "haha, thats probably gonna happen alot, sorry." "It's fine. I don't know why you're apologizing love."

I chuckled I suppose he's right, why was I apologizing? Gosh only you Abi. "lets go get in the car." Liam said, while genuinly smiling.

I must admit the first few minuets of the car ride were awkward. Partcially because I was sitting on Nialls lap. "heyy can we turn it up please?" My favorite song was playing on the radio. "hmm, I don't know" Louis said. "Pweease!" I stared at them all with my cuest puppy dog eyes and pouted. "Fine but just because I want to be the coolest dad EVER!" I flinched when he said 'dad' luckily I don't think anyone noticed. "YAY!" I was sooo happy. She wolf was playing, which in my opinion was the best song EVER. I was singing along to my favorite song, as you do, or maybe only as I do. When I realised they were all staring at me. Except Louis cause he was driving. "Was I really that bad?" They all shook their heads. "Then do I have something in my teeth?" Once again they all shook their heads. "Then what is it?" "We didn't know you could sing!" Harry exclaimed. "Ohh young niaeve harry!" Everyone chuckled except him. "I did only meet you like ten minuets ago or something." "Ohh yeah." He blushes. "LOL a twelve year old made Harry Styles blush!" "Haha I'm hilareous." "You just said that out loud." Zayn said. "Oops well what can you do when you're as amazing as I am?" They all laughed. "I was being serious you know!" that just made them laugh harder. "Gosh, boys. Can't live with them can't eat with them." They just laughed harder. I ended up laughing aswell because I was sitting on Niall who was laughing so hard he was sitting there out of breath. Been there done that. "Anyways, about you singing, what else can you sing?" Liam piped up after everyone had stopped laughing. "Well their's very few songs I can sing. And the oness I can sing I'm not exactly the best at them." I sighed. "Are you kidding me that was fan flacking tastic!" Niall was careful not to swear although, he reacieved a glare for Harry because of his use of the term 'flack'. Of course realating to Caroline Flack. "haha thanks I guess." I was smiling like an idiot, even though I was pretty sure he was wrong. "Well what else can you sing love?" Liam asked me, I thought about this. I decied to sing a sont that they would definatly know. I'm gonna sing them Harrys X factor audition song. "I can sing ' Isn't she lovely~ by stevie wonder' " They all noded I took this as my cue to start singing.

"Isn't she lovley,

Isn't she wonderful.

Isn't she precious,

less the one minuet old.

I never thought, through love we'd be,

making one as lovley as she.

But isn't she lovely made from love."

I sang my heart out I just love that song so much. I don't know why but by the time I had finished singing we were all pulled over at what i guess was there house. They were all staring at  me gob smacked."ohh sorry haha I know I can't sing. So are we going inside now?" I looked down while I said that. I was crap. And I knew it. And now they did. I just wanted to get in that house so I could get away from there forever judging gaze. "Are you kidding that was phonimnal!" they all choursised together. I grinned like the cheshire cat! And soon they were all grinning aswell.


OHH MY GOD GUISE! i hope you like that because it took me SOOO long to write. lol Sorry if it's short :(

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