DNA (A Harry Styles FanFic)

Kat is a normal teenage girl but when Harry, the quiet kid with a mysterious pass comes into her life, everything changes. She slowly falls for Harry but his past comes back to get him. It hurts him and also everyone he's ever loved, including Kat. While there love grows, so does the challenge of whether Harry stays with her, or leaves forever. Will Kat be strong enough to keep their love strong, or will she give in, letting him go?

"I knew what i was getting myself into, I knew he was dangerous, but something about him made me fall, and I was falling hard."


22. Trouble

*Harry's POV*

I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling with the smile of a fool planted on my face. The memories of last night with Kat were cheesy, but perfect.

She's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Today was boring though. Kat went to look for a job, school would end on Friday, and we didn't go at all. It didn't matter. As I thought about the actives we could do during the summer, my phone rang.

From Ashley

Haz I miss you. Anyways I have something you want. Come meet me at the park where we met.


Great, Ashley. Ashley was my ex, before she joined the group of people who believed about... about the things I supposedly did. She stole my dad's diary before I had a chance to read it. It was my only way to find out who he really was before he hurt us. I needed it. I ran down the stairs, grabbed my keys and ran as fast I could to my car.

My radio helped me concentrate on the reason why I was meeting Ashley. While one side of me told me, no don't do it. Another side insisted that it was the only way to get what I wanted.

That side won.

I pulled into the parking lot of the Artist Park, and I saw her standing in between the huge heart sculpture. It was where we met. The closer I got, I could see that she looked better. Her long, tan legs that had a shine to them in the sunlight. Her shorts kissing her skin, a tank top that showed a little too much. Big blue eyes that complimented her long blond hair. The comparison of her and Kat was like day and night. Katherine was day, Ashley was night. Beauty happens during the day, secrets at night.

I repressed the thought. I was with Kat, she is the one. No one will replace her. Ashley pulled me into a hug. I was paying attention to see if I could make out a book of some kind.

"Please Ashley. Give me the diary." I begged, I could hear it. I never beg.

"Oh Harry. I don't know. I mean, it is very interesting. A lot of family secrets." She held it in her hand, shaking it around. I was sure about it now, she was the devil.

"What do you want Ashley?" I asked with a firm voice.

"Kiss me. Then you can have it."

It seemed easy enough. One kiss for a million secrets that could tell me who I really was. One kiss and that would be the last I would hear of Ashley. I grabbed her face, not the way I grabbed Kat. It was more of mad way, I wasn't going to be gentle with Ashley. Hesitation spread in me, but it had to be done. Our lips met, and it was just like it was before. Hot.

Just like the other thoughts, I repressed that one, but the longer the kiss, the more I thought about it. Kissing Kat was sweet, it was small and gentlest. With Ashley, well it was a little more... a lot more. I could feel that we would losing ourselves, the way my hand traveled down her spine and the way hers traveled up into my hair. This wasn't good. In a trance, I overheard footsteps and a clattering noise of falling objects. Pulling away from Ashley, I heard a gasp and saw a satisfied smile on her face. She looked to her left and I followed her eyes.


I tried to run to her, to tell her what was happening but it was pointless. She ran, leaving her things there on the ground. I grabbed them, seeing a Happy Anniversary card on top. I hated myself.

But it was only a kiss.

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