DNA (A Harry Styles FanFic)

Kat is a normal teenage girl but when Harry, the quiet kid with a mysterious pass comes into her life, everything changes. She slowly falls for Harry but his past comes back to get him. It hurts him and also everyone he's ever loved, including Kat. While there love grows, so does the challenge of whether Harry stays with her, or leaves forever. Will Kat be strong enough to keep their love strong, or will she give in, letting him go?

"I knew what i was getting myself into, I knew he was dangerous, but something about him made me fall, and I was falling hard."


18. Secret Paradise

*Harry’s POV*

I waited for her to sleep. I waited an hour and after she still didn’t sleep I began to hum a song to her. The first song that popped up to my head was “Stay” by Rihanna. I hummed its soft melody, not the hum to the words but them hum of the actual rhythm. After I finished, she drifted off. Perfect…now I can eat. I got out of the bed and slowly put the blankets on her. I quietly put on one of my t-shirts and some shorts. 

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and whispered in her ear, “I love you.” Walking out the door I could hear her whisper back, “I love you to.”

She wasn’t asleep. As soon as I closed the door I heard her jump out of the bed. What to eat today? Maybe I’d make some pancakes. Or an omelet. I could just go to McDonald's. Or I could prepare the fastest, most easiest breakfast ever. I pulled out two bowls from our cabinets and poured the food into them. Cereal! Well, Fruit Loops to be exact. I placed Kat’s bowl next to me and I sat down. I ate fast, given the fact that my stomach was growling like crazy. After I finished about my second or third bowl, Kat walked down the stairs. She was wearing my black and white “Teenage Runaway” sweater with her shorts and some black and white Converses. Her hair was in a high ponytail with a braid on the side. No accessories were on her; none were needed and she had no makeup on. Perfect. She walked down to me and handed me some of my own clothes.

“Why are you giving me this?” I asked.

“We’re going somewhere. I want to show you one of my favorite places I used to run to when I wanted to get away from home. I need to get out and just have a good day today. Especially with that dream and I thought what better than spend the day with you. Hey we could get to know each other better.”

She smiled her gorgeous smile that only revealed her top teeth. Her dimples came out, not too big and not too deep. I knew she was the one. I know that in most relationships, guys and girls both say that they’re meant for each other and end up breaking up but this is different. I saw her and I felt something. Like…Love at first sight. I know it sounds weird but it’s true. I was so far into my thoughts that I didn’t realize she was trying to get me out of my chair and failed. I tugged her on to my lap and she faced me.

“What was that for!!” she yelled as she playfully but carefully punched my chest.

“For this.” I leaned in closer to her and our lips were barely touching. “I’ve got you exactly where I wanted you.” I said and then… I brought my hands to her sides and began tickling her. She was falling to the floor and before she slipped from my lap, I grabbed her with one hand – while ticking with the other- and laid her down on the floor.

“STYLES YOU NEED TO STOP RIGHT NOW!” She yelled while laughing.

I grabbed the pile of clothes she brought me, let her go and ran to my room. I heard her coming behind me so I picked up the pace and ran into my room, shutting the door behind me. I laughed louder than ever as I heard her yell.

“You better hurry up! I’m going to get you.”

I quickly changed into my beige t-shirt, my blue jeans and I pulled on a navy green beanie. I needed my curls out of my face. I put on my favorite paper airplane necklace and then slowly opened the door. I hid behind it; pillow in hand ready to defend myself. I saw her come in and the instant she walked into the restroom I closed the door and ran for the bed.

“There you are.” She said as she walked out the restroom.

“Here I am.” I replied in a cheeky voice. “You missed me?”

“As a matter a fact, I did. Now we need to go or we’ll be late.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bed. As we ran out the door she managed to grab her purse, my car keys and her set of keys. She pushed me to the car as she locked the house door. She really wanted to show me this place. I turned on the car and she got in after me.

“Where to Miss Kat?” I said in my most proper voice ever.

“I’ll tell you how to get there. Can’t tell you the name now!” She laughed as she put her head on my shoulder.

“Nice beanie by the way.”

“Ha thanks and nice shirt you got there.”

I pulled out the driveway and began our journey to her mysterious paradise.

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