DNA (A Harry Styles FanFic)

Kat is a normal teenage girl but when Harry, the quiet kid with a mysterious pass comes into her life, everything changes. She slowly falls for Harry but his past comes back to get him. It hurts him and also everyone he's ever loved, including Kat. While there love grows, so does the challenge of whether Harry stays with her, or leaves forever. Will Kat be strong enough to keep their love strong, or will she give in, letting him go?

"I knew what i was getting myself into, I knew he was dangerous, but something about him made me fall, and I was falling hard."


20. Perfect

*Kat's POV*

I never showed anyone this place. Not my mom, or dad, or Alyssa. No one. It was mine and only mine. A safe haven, my one little secret paradise. The abandoned child's park behind the nature trail that was behind the high school. No one knew about it, and I was pretty sure no one would fine out. The park was beautiful, flowers covering the whole area. It was a flower park and for me, that was utterly and perfectly peaceful. 

I don't know why or how, and I most probably will never know the answer to those two questions, but something inside me made me want to show Harry this place. It could be our secret paradise in this cruel world and I needed someone to share my hidden beauty with. Maybe all other girls like me had a place like this, a place in which they ran away to, a place in which it felt that they were in Neverland with Peter Pan or Wonderland with Alice. Everyone has a place, this was mine.


I instructed Harry where to go, and where to turn. When we arrived to nothing but trees, the confusion on his face was totally noticeable. I couldn't help but giggle.

"What's so funny?" He asked. His eyebrows creasing and his voice getting worried.

"Nothing Styles. Calm down and just follow me."

I grabbed his hand and that obviously took him by surprise. As we walked, I was the one who began to get worried. What if he wouldn't like it? What if he would think of me as crazy? I forced the thought out of my head and simply began walking. I knew how to get there like it was the back of my hand because I visited it so many times. That was my "clear your mind" place. Maybe it could be Harry's to. Before we would turn on to the corner that would reveal the park, I turned around, put one finger to his mouth (as if I was silencing him) and told him, "This place is confidential and you must not speak it's location to any living soul. Got it?" He nodded his head and then I continued walking. I was nervous and a bit scared. What would I do if he didn't find it as beautiful as I did?


The park was exactly the way I found it so many years ago (6 to be exact.) The pink, blue and yellow flowers towering along the metal that was once visible. The slide covered by vines. It was my own Neverland and by the expression on Harry's face, I could tell he liked it to. I was relieved.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

I waited,

and waited

and waited.

Minutes went by and he never responded, he just stood there with his bottom jaw down and eyes wide. 

After a few minutes of amazement he turned to me and said, "Gosh Kat. This place, it's amazing. Did you do this to the park?"

I wish. "Naw, Mother Earth did that by herself. That's what makes it perfect. It's my Secret Paradise."

He ran to a mini stair, the ones they usually have at a park, sat down and patted the empty spot next to it.

Today would be perfect.

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