DNA (A Harry Styles FanFic)

Kat is a normal teenage girl but when Harry, the quiet kid with a mysterious pass comes into her life, everything changes. She slowly falls for Harry but his past comes back to get him. It hurts him and also everyone he's ever loved, including Kat. While there love grows, so does the challenge of whether Harry stays with her, or leaves forever. Will Kat be strong enough to keep their love strong, or will she give in, letting him go?

"I knew what i was getting myself into, I knew he was dangerous, but something about him made me fall, and I was falling hard."


23. How Bad Does a Good Girl Get? (+18)

I did not write this chapter. For chapters like these, it will be written by a friend who wants to stay anonymous. It's better that way. I suck at these types of chapters but... enjoy!




*Kat's POV*

It was short, quick. Just like our relationship. He showed up to my house begging for forgiveness, telling me that it didn't mean anything, he only needed answers. I responded with I needed time, more like, I was ending it. He got mad, I did to and I'm sure we both made a mistake that night with different people. I called up an ex, drank some, and did some things that the past me would shun. I was a new person, I didn't care about anything anymore. That boy, Brad, and I moved into an apartment together. I've seen Harry around with Ashley, either making out or... making out. He doesn't miss me, a small part of me still misses him.

The first night with Brad was perfect, full of lust and jealousy, hatred and passion. The taste of vodka and weed on our mouths. The heat that spread through my body as we collided, his tongue going places I would never think of. My back arching, clawing at his back. Moans filling the room. In those moments of pure ecstasy, I could feel myself changing, enjoying how heightened everything was.

I could live like this.

I grew tired of the good boy type, I wanted a bad boy... I had one.

A few nights later we got home, it got steamy. He slammed me against the wall, fingers slowly crawling up my legs, sending chills through my body. Reaching his destination, sending me into a state where my body, wasn't mine anymore. The collision of our bodies grew harder, better. And with each thrust I couldn't help but release a moan. Pressuring Brad was the only thing on my mind. I was sure that I would do it one day, but not now. For now, he would please me, helping me take my mind off the things that drove me crazy. Reaching our climaxes he falls on me, kisses my neck sending more chills up my spine. He drifted to sleep. I liked Brad... didn't love him yet.

I wonder what Harry would think about me now.

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