DNA (A Harry Styles FanFic)

Kat is a normal teenage girl but when Harry, the quiet kid with a mysterious pass comes into her life, everything changes. She slowly falls for Harry but his past comes back to get him. It hurts him and also everyone he's ever loved, including Kat. While there love grows, so does the challenge of whether Harry stays with her, or leaves forever. Will Kat be strong enough to keep their love strong, or will she give in, letting him go?

"I knew what i was getting myself into, I knew he was dangerous, but something about him made me fall, and I was falling hard."


17. Don't Go

*Harry's POV*

I woke up to the sound of Kat's screams. I jumped up faster than I would and grabbed her shoulders. Her eyes were shut and I knew she was dreaming. She began mumbling my name, then Dave, then Alyssa's, the she said 911. What was she dreaming about? I shook her until finally she woke up and began to cry.

"Kat, what's wrong?" She buried her face into my shoulder and began to cry. I tried to comfort her and began to hum to the melody of Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab.

"Harry, it was awful." She finally said after I finished humming. I waited a while, not wanting to rush her. I could feel her heart beat and it was faster than usual.

"I dreamed the whole day. Us getting dressed, driving to Alyssa's house and they were dead. All of them. Their throats slit and they were aligned by the pool. I dreamt everything but it all felt so real. So when I woke up I cried not only because the dream terrified me but because I felt a sense of relief that it wasn't true. I don't want to go over there anymore."

"But you need your things." I wanted to convince her to at least bring her clothes but she brought up a better plan.

"I;ll just ask Alyssa to bring my clothes to school and I'll pick them up after school ends. I have some money so I can by my makeup and stuff that I might need."

I didn't want her to spend her emergency money on thought so I volunteered to buy her all that. It took a lot of convincing but we finally came to the conclusion that I would pay for everything but I would give her the space and privacy  to pick out everything that she would need.

I was about to get up and go eat some stuff but she grabbed my arm and sleepily said,

"Don't go."

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