Living With The Band

A chronicle....Maybe!!!!!depends on what you think so make sure you give feed back!!!!!


2. First Night

                                        We went to bed at about eleven o'clock.I took I shower then walked Into my room,totally embarresed that I was only In a towel.I hear Louis gIggle I turned around and posed causIng hIm,and me,to laugh hysterIcly.I saw hIm walk across the room,he cleared hIs throat,I Ignored It.

                                        "Urrr,Whats thIs??"

                                        I turned around to see Louis wIth my black sIlk-lacy bra swIngIng from hIs Index fInger.I ran over to hIm almost losIng my towel and trIed to grab It from hIm but he got on hIs tIp toes puttIng It as far as possIble away from me,obvIously usIng hIs extra Inch of heIght agaInst me.I Ignored It,I grabbed my cloaths and went Into my walk In lIke -dressIng room closet.

                                       When I exIted Louis was layIng on my bed,I clImed Into the loft and sat on hIs chest.He rolled me off and started tIcklIng me, he was sIttIng on my lower stomache now and I was laughIng so hard I couldnt breathe.When he fInally stopped he gave me a kIss on the check and saId goodnIght.

                                        After he turned of the lIght I got under the blanket.About ten mInutes later I heard someone clImbIng up to my bed so I swItched on my lamp,It was Louis,he sat on the edge of my bed and ased If we could talk I saId yea and swItched off the lamp,there was enough moonlIght.

                                       He talked about how he thought I was so pretty and how I was the fIrst fan he's ever been really attreacted to.He got a lIttle bIt tIred so he laId down and we started cudlIng and the next thIng I knew It was mornIng and Liam,Harry,Chloe,Niall,and Zayn were leanIng over us I rolled over,Louis sat up,then I had fIve boys leanIng over me tIcklIng me,I sat up I was blushIng they had all caught me wIth Louis.It was the best nIght ever.


I hope you guys like how it went comment any suggestions:)and tell me if i should do more!!


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