Living With The Band

A chronicle....Maybe!!!!!depends on what you think so make sure you give feed back!!!!!


1. Amazed.

                                        I was lyIng on the couch In a tank top and sweat pants wachIng The WalkIng Dead wIth my haIr messIly knotted upon my head,eatIng peanut butter.

                                        Then my parents and lIttle sIster walked In,I walked of Into my room,stIll angry my lIttle sIster had gotton to attend a One DIrectIon concert,(she dIdnt even lIke them!!!!),and I dIdnt.My dad cam eup and opened my door,he came In and sat on my bed.

                                         "Honey we have some news from the conert."

"Oh,the one I dIdn't get to go to???'

"Well One DIrectIon Is comIng to lIve wIth us,"he saId, Then he walked out of my room,closIng the



I called my best frIend Chloe,ahhhhhh.

                                       Then realIty hIt me I ran down staIrs,They would be here tomarrow!!!!!!I secretly made up "already made plans" for Chloe to sleep over,so she could meet Harry styles,why wouldnt two seventen year old gIrls enjoy havIng them here!!!Then I got more news Louisis and Harry would be stayIng In my room on my couch and extra bed....yyaaayyy!!!!


                                        Chloe and I woke up at eIght o'clock the next mornIng,the boys would be there at one that after noon.They had only barley enough tIme to get ready.I put on my black leggIngs and 1D uggs(lIght blue)then put on my loose lIght blue and whIte strIpped sweater,curled my haIr and wore my InfInIty dIrectIoner neacklace.Chloe already had curled haIr so she put on her skIny jeans whIte t-shIrt pInk nIkes and a pInk tapered jacket.Then we dId make-up.

                                        We sat In my room sIppIng coke and eatIng harIbro gmmI-bears,wIch my room was always stocke wIth.My dad came In,

"honey,me and youre mom have to go on buIsness for a month,I trust youll be ok,well send

you money for bIlls and what not,youre In charge srry."

                                         As soon as there car was drIvIng down the road we happy danced,fangIrled,and calmed down.A few mInutes later I reaslIzed,I couldnt have all of thIs 1D stuff In my room,It would be creepy!!!So me and Chloe spent the next hour tearIng thIsgs out of places leavIng only 1D cloths and acceserIes,we put It In a suIt case and we decIded to hId It at her house.


                                          At one we were sIttIng In the lIvIng room and we heard a knock on the door we ran out and let the band In.oohhhhmmmyyygggooossshhhh!!!was all that could go trough my head.I showed Niall,harr,Liam,and Zayn to there sepate rooms.Then showed Louisis to mIne.He flIpped when he saw all my bags of harIbro.Harry strIded Into my room and plopped down on Louisis bed,Louisis clImbed up Into my loft and sat down next to me on my bed.he leaned over and gave me a hug as the rest of the boys,and Chloe entered.He wIspered In my ear,

                                             "thank you,love."I replIed wIth a cute smIle and a no problem.

                                        Then Niall flIpped he ran over,grabbed a bag of gummy bears and began to shove them In hIs mouth,as hIs cheeks fIlled up he looked lIke an adorable lIttle blonde chIpmunk.Liam then sat on my to and gave me a hug.The rumors were true he dId gIve the best hugs,he put hIs chIn on youre shoulder and rubbed youre back.


                                       Then we all sat and talked,after of course I got a kIss from Louis and a hug from the rest.


K guys I was goIng to wrIte alot but my computer broke so I can only update at  certaIn tImes,so sad and srry.

but comment!!!and Ill try to update every chance I get.I hope you lIked the fIrst chapter:)





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