My darkest secret

Claire Parker is the most popular girl in school, she's a cheerleader, she's nice, pretty and sweet, she has a very huge crush on Louis Tomlinson, her best friend, Stephanie, has a crush on him too, but what happens when everyone discovers Claire's darkest secret? Will Louis fall in love with her? Or he will hate her?


1. I promise

-Claire's POV-

I was walking down the hall of the school with Stephanie when Louis catched my eye.

He was wearing his stripped shirt with his cute suspenders and his red jeans, god, why does he have to be so cute?

''I see someone hot'' I chanted

''Who?'' Samantha asked

''Louis Tomlinson'' I answered

''You like Louis?'' She asked me

''Yeah, why wouldn I? He's so cute and handsome'' I answered

''I was just asking'' She answered

She muttered something but I didnt hear her.

''Did you said something?'' I asked

''No, I didnt'' She answered 

''Oh, okay'' I answered, but then the bell rang.

''Bye Sammy, gotta head to History'' I said hugging her

''Bye Claire'' She answered and she headed to Geography

Damn, she was acting so weird.

I headed to History, and I catched everyone's attention.

''Late again?'' Mr.Schuester said

''Sorry'' I answered and I took my sit next to Allison, my other best friend.

''Hey Alli'' I said

''Hey Claire'' She answered

Louis was behind me, he was with his friends Zayn, Harry, Liam and Niall.

The classes went fast, I was heading for my car when I saw Samantha.

''Hey Sammy'' I said approaching her.

''Hey Claire'' She said rolling her eyes.

''Is there something wrong?'' I asked her

''No, everything's fine'' She answered

''Well, would you like to come to my place today?'' I asked

''Sure! What time?'' She asked

''4 pm'' I answered

''Fine, see you later'' She said and she hugged me goodbye.

''Bye'' I answered and I went to my car and I headed to my house.

At 4 pm, Samantha came, we watched movies, we talked and said some gossip.

''Samantha I need to tell you something'' I started

''Yes Claire?'' She asked

''Just promise me you will never tell anybody'' I said


''Do you swear on your life?'' I asked

''I swear on my life''


New movella!!! Woooooooooooooo! Comment on what you thing, and let me know if I should continue or not.

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