The hunger games

the few nights of hell in the arena...


1. Day one

Sunlight cascaded off of the green leaves, birds chirped happily, the wind gently blew the blades of grass and flowers swayed in the breeze. But below was a whole other story. In the subterranean  tunnels beneath the fields forty people sat on hard benches. Each face was as cold and emotionless as the next. Some had their head in their hands, a cold sweat brought over them. I looked up at the camera pointed at me- the lens reflecting my own face back at me. My eyes were sunken in and looked stone cold. Each breath seemed to be deeper and deeper to calm my nerves. A buzzer sounded and instantly everybody was alert. The roof above us opened up and we began to ascend. Blinding white light dazzled us all and before our eyes could recover we were in the fresh air, a cool breeze washed over the field and birds sang merrily. 

Shivers ran down my spine, and my heart fluttered nervously, as i knew that in a few minutes the thirty nine others around me were now my enemies. Kill them or be killed. The warm summers breeze suddenly died down and the birds stopped singing. The monotonous voice began to count down from 45, The weapons bunker looked so enticing, i felt so vulnerable at the minute. Every body was beginning to get ready to sprint away. Small bags of supplies lay scattered around. What should i do? 5...4...3...2........1... A buzzer shrieked and instantly everybody broke into a sprint. Some ran towards the dense undergrowth while others ran for weapons. I quickly scooped up a bag and began to run for the trees. Thirty meters away, twenty, ten and suddenly i was tackled to the ground. A glint of silver sparkled in the sunlight as a short sword was thrust downwards towards me, i rolled to the side and kicked upwards with all my strength, A satisfying thud as my boot collided with no. 8's jaw. He rolled sideways dazed as i picked up the sword and ran - not thinking of anything other than escape. I turned just in time to see no.8 Being finished off by somebody with jet black hair, before running off into the woodland. 

I ducked, and slid over fallen trees, climbed overhangs of grass and didn't stop running for what seemed like hours until suddenly i was alone. The silence echoed around me and only my rasping breath could be heard. I sat in the cold wet dirt regaining my energy, I shuffled through the bag that i had grabbed. A compass, knife, flint and steel and water. Not a long term survival kit. Nearby a branch snapped and i instantly dove towards a thick bush. Voices could be heard now.

"How many do you think are left now?" asked one voice.

"its hard to tell...I'd say maybe around 20-ish."  The other replied.

From behind the tall trees came two figures, one with jet black hair, green eyes and prominent, defined features. I remembered him from the practice sessions. He had always been an enemy even when we were supposed to be a team working together to train. The other boy was shorter but more muscular with a thick iron set jaw and stout legs. "well. Now there's one less." The boy with jet black hair replied, and before the other could turn around he dropped to the floor on his side. A steel knife in his back. My breathing increased and the boy suddenly pricked up and looked around. His eyes passed over the very spot i was hiding in several times before he looked back down at the boy whom he had an "alliance" with and began to rummage through his belongings. After around ten minutes the boy walked away, kicking his fallen friend over onto his stomach, pulled the blade from him and began to walk away. I waited...For an age i lay there barely breathing looking at the body that used to be full of life now barely breathing left for dead. 

Slowly, ever so slowly i dragged myself out of the bush and crawled towards the boy lying on the ground, He had rolled back over onto his back to look upwards. His eyes met mine and all i saw was pain, fear and acceptance. He reached out for my hand and placed a silver knife in my palm, But before i could do anything with it his head dropped back into the earthy floor and he stopped moving. 

A huge crack rang out as a stick hit me in the side of the head, disorientating me and causing me to fall sideways in the dirt facing the recently deceased boy. My vision faded in from blackness to blurry colors. A black silhouette slowly walking out of the sun rays that burst though the tree canopy. Scuffed, ragged boots stepped over a lifeless corpse. Then a hand pulled me up by my hair and twisted my face to look him in the eyes. 

"I knew i heard something..." muttered the boy with jet black hair. "good thing I waited around to catch you when you showed yourself...Don't worry- you'll be with him soon." He said - seeing my eyes flit frantically over to his last victim. 

"whats the matter?  Scared...? " He jeered. "That's okay, i'll make sure you die...slowly." He said bringing out the same steel knife that he had stabbed his friend with and bringing it to my neck slowly and deliberately flashing it in front of my eyes so i I could see the terror in my face reflected back. The boy smiled menacingly and then jolted forwards an inch or two. His smile faltered, He blinked, and looked down at his chest to see a silvery white arrow stained crimson protruding from his shirt. He sighed and fell sideways into the earth next to the person he killed. I got up and looked around cautiously. An arrow whistled through the air, grazed my cheek and thudded into a tree behind me. I turned and ran, leaving my bag in the bush, Dodging left and right, putting as many trees between me and the unknown assailant as possible, occasional thunks echoed behind me as they tried desperately to hit me. I ran on and on and on and eventually the serenity of the forest returned once more and i lay down for a rest. No food, No supplies,A minor concussion and only a dead mans small knife for a weapon. But i was alive...For now...

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