Is it mistake ?

What do you think about Harry when he is famous and people are calling him womaniser and he tells you that he loves you , would you believe him ?? That was the same thing jasmine was confused about


7. The kidnap

Jasmine's P.O.V
"JASMINE JASMINE JASMINE , WAKE THE HELL UP , WAKE UP WAKEY YOU SLEEPY " I woke up and I was freaked out , she was screaming, I replied " WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ? " and I sighed " I am sorry , but there is no one in the world wake up with that way " she said " anyway" and sighed " Harry called you " and I looked to her and said "what he wanted ?" She looked at me with a very weird look " to go to the doctor and remove your gypsum !" And I remembered and nodded , I went and took a shower and I did a bun and it was messy , and I wore a blue jeans and a white tank top and a black leather jacket , I know it's totally different from my style , but I didn't care all I wanted to remove the gypsum , I sat in the living room , then I went to my lovely brother Harry , I love him , so I entered , and he was playing , so I started " so how is my Lovely brother ?" He laughed an innocent laugh and he said " I am fine , but not totally fine " I looked at him and said " why ?" And I did a puppy face , he said " there is a girl in my class , she is so cute , and every time I go and talk to her , that boy that his name is Ron , he go and talk to her and he make her to ignore me " when he just said that , I fell from laughing , oh my god , he is in LOVE , oh my god , he is an earlier teen , and I gave him a kiss on the cheeks and went out , my phone rang , I looked it was Harry , I answered , and I went out , I didn't see him , weird , and then I went back , when I was opening the door , I heard someone yelled at me and said "JASMINE" it wasn't Harry's voice , and why he'd yell with my name , before I look behind me , something hit my head and I fainted , I heard weird voices are talking , wait where I am , ah they blocked my eyes , great now I can't see anything except blackness , I started to scream and shout , and there is someone hit the door and yelled saying "SHUT THE FUCK UP " I replied yelling " HEY WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE AND NEVER TALK LIKE THAT WITH ME. " and then I heard other boys saying " ow , she is shouting on you " and then suddenly someone removed what was covering my face , and I closed my eye , because it hurts when you look direct in light , and he was staring in my eyes , wait I know that guy , he is Taylor , what does wants from me , yeah , he was a guy with me in the High school , he wasn't my type , he was a bad guy , he was smoking , womaniser , and he was alcoholic , he was very bad , he forced me to be his girlfriend , and he abused me , I didn't accept to be his girlfriend , and once he tried to stab me , but I ran away , and I called the police and they arrested him ,  did he get out from the jail ? Maybe , "what do you want from me Taylor ?"  He raised an eye borrow and said " what do you mean with what do I want from you , you are my girlfriend , and you cheated on me by dating that guy " I replied quickly " I wasn't your girlfriend , and never I will be " he slapped me " aah " he looked angry " never say that , you are my girlfriend"  he said " I want to do something but later , I am tired " 
Harry's P.O.V
I went to her home , but , I didn't find her  I knocked the door , and Meredith opened the door , and she was smiling , I said "where is Jasmine ?" The smile got faded  and she said " she went with you " wait what I don't understand " um sorry Meredith , I don't get it , what do you mean with went with me ?" She looked worried and said " you called her , and she went out to see you and go with you to the doctor " I looked more. Worried than her and I called her, and a boy answered me " hey , who are you and where is Jasmine ?" The boy laughed and said " Jasmine came back to the place that she should be " wait what do you mean , I don't get it , I have to ask him and know every thing " what do you mean ?" The boy said " I am her boyfriend  " what ! Her boyfriend ? And then I heard Jasmine is screaming saying " I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND , YOU ARE FORCING ME TO BE , AND YOU KIDNAPPED ME !" And the boy said " SHUT THE FUCK UP " and I. Heard h slapping her , oh my god I have to do something , I said yelling at the boy " WHERE IS SHE ?" The boy answered" are you going to be scared on my girlfriend more than me ?" I really got out of my mind " TELL ME THE HELL WHERE SHE IS , *sigh* unless if you are not scared from me, cowered " the boy said things I didn't understand then he said " no I am not scared , but I have to .. To .. " and then he didn't say anything so I interrupted him " you have to do what ?" He said " to rape her " and I heard Jasmine is screaming and he slapped her , I said " WHAT ! , DON'T EVER THINK TO TOUCH HER OR I SWEAR I AM GOING TO SCREW YOU WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU " he gave me the address , I swear if I catch this ass hole , I am going to screw him .
Jasmine's P.O.V 
Did he just say that he wants to rape me ? Oh no I am virgin , he can't do this to me I have to do something , I said " what the hell are you going to do ? , please don't rape me , I don't love you , why you don't understand that ? " he nodded and came closer to me and putted his hands behind my neck , and he came closer to me , I don't know why I was so numb , and he kissed me , hard , and harder , and then I pulled away , but I can't move , he is putting me on a chair and he hold me with a rope , and then he said " never ever when I kiss you , you pull away , got it ?" I screamed "no I didn't get it what you will do ?" He pushed me on the floor and he started pull me of the chair , and he is so strong , and he is trying to remove all of my clothes , I resisted , but I failed , I screamed , he only removed my tank , and started kissing my neck , and suddenly Harry kicked him hard , and pushed him away , and I was crying , ad I wore again tank top and my jacket , Harry told me to go , but I was so shocked , and I didn't move , but I called the police , they came ,
And they arrested him again , and I was crying , Harry hold me tight and massaging my head , ad then he drove me to home , but I invited him to get in , and we went to my room , and I told him the entire story from the begging .
Harry's P.O.V 
God I was so scared on her and worried , I will be honest , I love her , no I fell in love with her , stole my heart , and I will keep it with her , but I hope that she feels the same , I will tell her  , and suddenly she said " tell me your story life " perfect , do I have to tell her that I am a singer ? Yeah I should sure she will know from any place , " I am a singer , in a band and its called One Direction" she didn't do any react , does she know ? , and she said " I know " perfect that she knows because I hate talking about my self " well  jasmine I  want to tell you something " she looked at me and then she listened , and I said " I love you " her eyes sparkled , and she said " I love you too , Harry" Wow she loves me , that is the most incredible day ever .
Jasmine's P.O.V 
Wow , he told me that he loves me , and I do too , from all of my heart , he leaned in and he passionately kissed me , ah I felt butterflies in my stomach , I do love him .


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