Is it mistake ?

What do you think about Harry when he is famous and people are calling him womaniser and he tells you that he loves you , would you believe him ?? That was the same thing jasmine was confused about


6. It's a date !

Harry's P.O.V
God , she is so gorgeous , and she fits perfect in floral clothes , any way she is perfect in every thing , I broke the silence saying " what you want to be when you
Finish college ?" She said " um I want to be one from these three , Dancer , model , singer , but I think I'd be better if I became a dancer " wow , did she just said that , anyway , she is so thin so she can be a model , and I think she will be a good dancer , but wait , what about singing does she can sing ? I am gonna ask her "hey ! You can sing" she shocked and said " oh-uh did I said that " yeah she can sing but she is so shy , god this is so perfect , so I said " yeah you said, can you sing ?" She replied" yeah I can sing , even lots of people they wanted to make me an album but I refused , because I wanted to finish my education first " she was totally right , and a correct logic , so we went to the mall , I said " can we go to the cinema ? There is a movie I want to watch it " 
Jasmine's P.O.V
"A movie ? Ok which one ?" I said that hoping to be comedy because I love comedy movies , and here was the shock when he said " Saw 7 " it's horror and thriller and +18" and I looked at him as a brave girl or he'd say I am a chicken , so I said " oh yeah why not " he said " you are not afraid of scary movies?" And I replied with a very cocky way " Me?! No at all, duh I love scary movies " and then he raised an eye borrow because he knew that I was lying and then he said "ok" with a tone as he is going to revenge , and make me say that I am scared , so he went and bought two tickets 3D oh god , I can't hold it 2D to be 3D , any way , we went to the movie , and I was shaking , so we sat and we started watching the movie and then he said " I am so excited to watch the movie " and I said "me too !" , and them the movie started, and I was screaming and hiding my face into Harry's T-shirt , and he was laughing a revenge laugh , and he said " you are not afraid of scary movies , then why you are hiding ?" I said " Harry I said that because I wanted to watch a scary movie plus you also wanted to " but I didn't think that it will be bloody , I am not afraid of scary movies , when it's about ghosts and souls and demons , but when it comes to fleshy and bloody movies , I get scared , and I will have a shiver and I will be disgust " he said " Oh" and then he putted his hands on my shoulder pressing me into his chest , as he is hiding me from the movie , then the movie ended and we went out , he said " I think after that movie we have to eat something " I nodded and we walked , god it was a terrifying movie , then we went to a restaurant , and we ordered , he said " will you tell me about your life?" I cleared my throat and said " I was birthed on 11 January 1995 , and the same thing to my twin , she is older then me with 3 three minutes , when she got birthed my Irish uncle took her to live with him in Ireland , so she is Irish , and the until I became 10 my mom gave a birth to my brother Harry , and she died immediately so I lived with my father , he married another woman , my stepmother was a nice woman , until I knew her in her truth , she was trying to make my father hate us , she was like a demon , but my father didn't believe her and they've got divorced , and Then when he was coming back after they've got divorced , he made a car accident , and he died , so I left and lived with my aunt in Manchester , until she raised me and from one year she died , I was 17 so I can take care if my self and my brother , and I didn't know that I've got a twin , but my Irish uncle I know him from the pictures , so after he knew that I lived alone , he decided to bring Meredith and meet each others and live together , and that happened , from two months ago she came and we met , and now we are living together , but I love her very much as I know her since I was child , and that's it " and I smiled at him , and he said "wow, right now I knew why you are so sensitive " 
Harry's P.O.V 
That's why I know why she is so sensitive , but god , she doesn't deserve anything that happened to her , but wait ! Where she is spending money from ? She is not working , so I said " and how you are getting money?" And she replied " my father had a company , and my father's mate is doing every thing and he is giving us the salary every month , and it's written with two names me and Meredith , but already Meredith is studying business , so I am going to make her manage my percent in the company too ! Because I want to be a dancer " 
She said simply , means she is a rich girl , her father had a company , perfect , anyway , I said " how about if we go to walk Jazz? " wait , did I called her jazz ? Then she replied " Wow , Jazz , it seems like you gave me a nick name !" 
Jasmine's P.O.V
Wow he called me Jazz , he is so sweet , I am going to tell him , I can't handle that anymore and I said " Harry , you know that you are so sweet " , wow did I just sad that ? He looked shocked as Said " wow thank you , you know you are so sweet though and beautiful " and he smiled at me , I blushed , just to be honest , anyway , we were walking until sunset , I hate sunset , I love sunrise , so we were walking and walking , and then I said " Harry , you didn't tired ? Because I am very tired " he told me " I can walk to the moon with you , and no I am not tired , but how about if we go and sit in the car ?" That was a perfect solution , so we went to his car and we sat , and chatted for a while , and then he drove me home and I slept .

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