Is it mistake ?

What do you think about Harry when he is famous and people are calling him womaniser and he tells you that he loves you , would you believe him ?? That was the same thing jasmine was confused about


4. Is it date ?

Harry's P.O.V

That girl was so gorgeous , innocent and cute , she stole my heart , I felt very terrible for her when I broke her hand by mistake , would she forgive me ? I really didn't mean it , I asked her about her number , should I call her ? How about if she doesn't like me ? I will just call And ask about her , and from the call I will know that if she likes me or no . 

jasmine's P.O.V

 I was sitting on the couch in a very comfortable way and I am relaxing my hand , my brother Harry is sleeping and Meredith is listening to music in her room means I am alone , suddenly my iPhone rang , I tried to get it but it was kind of hard and the reason is my hand , so I stand up and take the phone , it was unsaved number , and I didn't think that it would be the guy , so I answered and I was scared , I don't know why , I said "Hello?" He said "um hi" I said "hi , who is it ?" Then he said "I am Harry " I said into my self " that guy ??? Oh my god oh my god" but I said " oh how are you " he said " I am great , tell me how is your hand? Is it ok ?" I said " yeah it's totally fine thanks for asking " he said "it's ok because it was my fault .." I interrupted him and say " no it's not your fault please don't say that because you were a polite guy with me " he said " oh thank god that you are not bothered from me after what happened " I said " no I am not bothered at all " he said "are we friends now ?" I replied "yeah ,sure " he cleared his throat then he said" ok can I meet you today ?"

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