Is it mistake ?

What do you think about Harry when he is famous and people are calling him womaniser and he tells you that he loves you , would you believe him ?? That was the same thing jasmine was confused about


5. Date or friends ?

Jasmine's P.O.V
Did he just asked my to go out with him ? Oh my god , I don't know what to say but sure I will accept , so I said " yeah , sure " that sounded cheesy I know but I was worried with what to reply at the moment , he answered " Great " then I will pick you up after 2 hours " I said " ok " , I hang up and then screamed because I was very happy , Meredith got freaked out and she came running and she said " what's wrong ??" I said " I am going on my first date in my life , YESS !!" She said " the first one ??!" Yeah sorry guys I didn't say , Meredith is Irish , she lived with my Irish uncle after she got born and they left to live in Ireland , so she didn't know anything about my life , so I told her " yeah the first one , anyway I have to go and change" first , I went and took a shower , it was cold and it refreshed me , then I went out and changed me clothes , here what I wore , I wore a white tank top , and a floral Short , and a light pink ballerina , yeah I fit very gorgeous in floral clothes. , this time I let my hair down and curled it with a curling iron , and I put a mascara on , and a light pink lipgloss , I walked out and Meredith opened her mouth , she was so shocked , she told me " Oh my god you are so gorgeous " I blushed , she completed " you got blushed from me ? Then what you will do if that boy told you that , your face will burn " I laughed , god I love my twin , even though I just saw her from two months ago but I feel like that I know her since I was child , anyway , I sat down on the couch trying the hard not to move my hand , I said breaking the silence " you know who I will date ?" She said " who you will date Ms. Mace ?" I told her " Harry " then she said with a sarcasm tone" oh yeah like that I knew who is Harry , like Harry Styles from One Direction" I said " how did you know ?" she said like she had a doubt " what do you mean with know what ?" I told her " he is Harry Styles from One Direction " she screamed " oh my god " I smiled and then my phone rang , I told her to shut up , I answered saying " Hello Harry " he said " Hi , um are you ready love ? " wait , did he just called me love , I smiled out of the phone and said " yeah I am ready " he said ok then I am outside the door " I told him " ok I am coming " then I hang up , and I said to Meredith " he is outside " Meredith said " I have to see him , I told her " ok but please don't show him that you know him because I didn't do that " she nodded and we went out , I saw Harry was standing and then he came closer to me , I told him " Harry this is Meredith my twin , Meredith , this is Harry " they shook hands and she waved for me , and I did the same , and I entered Harry's car , he told me " so this is your twin ? " I nodded , he said " you know , you look gorgeous more than I expected that you will be on this da- I mean this hang out , I smiled and blushed , I smiled because I knew that he was going to say date , I knew It , it was a date !.

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