Is it mistake ?

What do you think about Harry when he is famous and people are calling him womaniser and he tells you that he loves you , would you believe him ?? That was the same thing jasmine was confused about


2. At the college

I went to the college , Meredith weren't in any class with me , and I didn't knew anyone there , so I will be totally alone , I said thinking and decided that I will be polite with people and do nice friends , so I was in a class , and teacher smith said " guys , we've got a new student here so welcome her , and please tell us about your self , I said first " Hello , my name is Jasmine Mace , I am 17 years old , and I am from London . After the bell rang random people started to talk to me , they were with me in the class , I finished and then I went out , I walked for a while because I felt sad with no reason , Maybe is it because my life is boring ? I don't know , so I felt like a car is coming behind me , I was right , the mirror of the car that its outside , crashed my hand , thank god that he wasn't going fast or it will cut my hand of , my bag fall on the floor and my iPhone followed the bag , and I sat on my knee because it hurts very much , and suddenly I saw a guy came out as fast as he can , and he told  me " OH MY GOD , I am so sorry , really I didn't mean it , I am so sorry " he apologised for 1000 times , I said " It's ok !" With a bit of yelling because it wasn't ok , it hurt me very much , and a small tear fall down on my cheeks , he grabbed my bag and my iPhone and handled them and he told me " Let's go to the doctor " I said " no it doesn't need a doctor I will be fine " I forced a smile while tearing because it hurts to hell 
Harry P.O.V 
What the hell I've done to that beautiful girl , now she will hate me , I have to fix what've I done , so I offered to her to go to the doctor , but she refused , anyway I will try again " please let's go to the doctor " she looked at me with a tearing eye , and her green eye was sparkling and she nodded innocently , I smiled at her and helped her to stand up . 

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