In My Heart, On My Mind.<3

This is what is on my mind and in my heart, something thats always there.. i would describe this word as.. Love.. something thats not easily forgotten something that is always there. Its nearly like a part of you that cant be taken away. Theres good and bad things about it. This love isnt just for anyone. Its for this certain someone. I know everything about him, lets just say he dosnt know i even exist. Its the one and only.. flawless Justin Bieber.. In these chapters of my dreams.. memories.. and feelings i will share with you my love of Justin.


4. Shattering Feelings.

Its as if our feelings collide, because whatever your feelings are, they always affect me. If your happy and excited, then I am. If your sad and down for some reason I am. Its like we're the same person but only in different bodies. Its confuses me, I always wonder why I can never get you out of my head. Its as if your glued in my head. Maybe its a good thing, I don't know.


The thing that hurts the most is the fact that you famous, I have VERY little chance of ever meeting you. I always check your twitter and if your online, i spam you. I get excited and think 'OMG what if he notices me'. Then you go offline and I realise you haven't noticed me. Then that's when the feeling hit home. My feelings shatter, I'm sad, I'm hurt. And I always wonder what them girls who got a follow from Justin or a retweet are feeling. I bet its am amazing feeling. Well it is in my dreams. 


Sometimes I wonder what life would be like knowing you've met Justin or knowing he's followed you or answered you on twitter. He could make a girl scream and cry just by pressing their follow button on twitter. I know I would. I guess if he knew how much i love him maybe he would consider following me:)

To Be Continued ... twitter; @BiebersMyLolly  




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