In My Heart, On My Mind.<3

This is what is on my mind and in my heart, something thats always there.. i would describe this word as.. Love.. something thats not easily forgotten something that is always there. Its nearly like a part of you that cant be taken away. Theres good and bad things about it. This love isnt just for anyone. Its for this certain someone. I know everything about him, lets just say he dosnt know i even exist. Its the one and only.. flawless Justin Bieber.. In these chapters of my dreams.. memories.. and feelings i will share with you my love of Justin.


3. Hate Gets Stronger.

You think it's all over. I was sure that everyone understood I love Justin. Just when i thought the hate was ending it was actually only starting. Walking through the school halls the thoughts that are running though my head about whats going to be said next to me about Justin. In my eyes Justin is perfect, but in others i can understand. I think the best way not to hurt someone is by keeping your opinions to yourself.

When i hurt someone i always feel awful with myself, and try not to do it again, maybe they dont feel the same they just keep going and going. 

Its mostly boys that hate on Justin, well there is a lot of girls too of course. Like this one girl said Justin was a fag and this is how i replied 'Justin is the name, flirting is my game, haters call me a fag because their jealous of my swag' so now she calls him a 'swag fag' urgh she really annoys me.

I just always remind myself of Justins song 'bigger' because in the song he sings that the haters are far from here. And I always think in my head that 'Haters make you stronger' because they do. 

I understand that people hate Justin, well I dont understand how but i just know they do, but when it comes to twitter i think its disrespectful when it came to #baldforbieber and #cutforbieber that was stupid people trying to get beliebers to hurt themselves over nothing, and the people who did do it, probably wasn't their fault they thought that it was the right thing to do but it really wasnt.

If any haters are reading this right now i'm kindly asking you to stop hating because the more hating you do the more haters you gain, because no one likes hater.

im just greatful for everything Justin has done for me, because he's simply amazing.


To Be Continuted... twitter; @BiebersMyLolly  instagram; @georgia7_bieber

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