In My Heart, On My Mind.<3

This is what is on my mind and in my heart, something thats always there.. i would describe this word as.. Love.. something thats not easily forgotten something that is always there. Its nearly like a part of you that cant be taken away. Theres good and bad things about it. This love isnt just for anyone. Its for this certain someone. I know everything about him, lets just say he dosnt know i even exist. Its the one and only.. flawless Justin Bieber.. In these chapters of my dreams.. memories.. and feelings i will share with you my love of Justin.


2. Dreams&Thoughts.

My dreams and thoughts are so pathetic. So why do I follow my dreams? because everyday I seem to be drifting farther away from them. They are going from dreams to wishes. Every year on 25th of February when I blow my candles out on my birthday cake, I wish the same thing, Every single year the wish never comes true. I always think to myself 'Will my wish really come true? or will I just dream it for the rest of my life'

 Most nights all I ever dream about it meeting Justin or me and him spending a day together. Yeah of course its the best dream ever, and its amazing. Its only amazing until I wake up and realise its just another normal day, Guess Justin isn't coming today then:( it hurts. It hurts hard. Then the rest of my day is just full of thoughts about the dream. 

I get carried away, thinking of all the things that could of happened if I woke up and it was true i'd really seen Justin. Then that leads to me being sad and hurting inside because I know the dream wasn't true and probably won't even come true.

You want to know the thing that really annoys me the most? Yeah, well its fake fans/beliebers.

Well I find it so unfair, because True Beliebers would do anything to meet their idol, they work so hard for it but sometimes it dosn't always go as planned. When fake fans meet Justin and go to his concerts it annoys me. Like this girl she has tickets to go see Justin tonight, i'd say she knows his name and his birthday that about it,and all she has done that past couple of weeks is rub it in peoples faces. The thing is to be a true belieber you got to stay and support Justin thought good times and most of all through bad times. Thats the most important thing, if we aren't here to support Justin then i guess there would be no Justin.

Really all i dream and think about is Justin. People can judge me in whatever way they want but i wouldn't stop being a belieber for anything in the world. Justin is part of my heart and without that part in my heart, i wouldn't be the person i am today. I just love him to much, i would describe my love for him but its so big and strong its impossible to describe.


To Be Continued....... my twitter @BiebersMyLolly

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